The Multiverse, (Roughly) Zones 6-8

In a world,
different from your own,
you may find a reality,
that better suits your liking.

Throughout the multiverse
(or this small part of its infinity),
lies a place you never before imagined,
of science, simplicity, or the supernatural.

When you must wander,
whether searching for places of power, peace, or perfection,
then start your planes-walking here,
and behold the myriad worlds before you:

L’univers 7 qui entra en collision avec le nôtre (by Nickolavigne, 2015)

Science Fiction (Hard/Realistic Sci-Fi) Worlds

Exoplanet-007.4.XN-6: An Alien Stone-Age Wilderness
Cyberspace-507.6.TR-1: A Reshapeable Virtual Reality of Geometry
Sol-605.5.SC-3: A Solar System With Earth’s Colonists
Earth-505.3.CY-2: A Cyberpunk State of Advanced Robotics
Earth-505.6.SL-25: A Solarpunk Earth of Augmented Reality
Earth-504.4.GW-195: A Flooded Earth Fighting for Resources
Local Cluster-907.7.CO-5: A Cluster of Galaxies Shaped by God-Like AI
Earth-605.5.AF-1: An Afro-Futurism Superpower
Earth-505.4.MK-2: A Planet at War for Oil for Mechs
Earth-605.5.SB-20: An Ocean of Underwater Exploration
Earth-504.5.AR-2: A Subculture of Augmented Reality Virus-Hunting
Earth-515.5.SA-99: A Future with A.I. that’s Much Smarter than People Think
Earth-605.3.PR-14: Mega-Cities of High-Tech Crime and High-Tech Police
Solar System-605.5.AM-19: A Constellation of Asteroids Mined for Resources

Science Fantasy (Soft/Unrealistic Sci-Fi) Worlds

World-708.4.GR-1: A World of Lost Super Technology
Earth-607.5.WF-13: A World of Tunnels and Humanoid Robots
Universe-958.4.SW-3: A Space Opera Universe of FTLS Magic
World-338.5.MP-2: A Space-Faring Forest of Monkeys
Earth-808.4.HL-19: An Earth Advanced in Hard-Light Construct Technology
World-667.4.RP-11: A War of Humans Exterminating Robots
Galaxy-608.3.DP-7: A Constellation of Star Systems Under the Rule of Dragons
World-817.3.DL-66: A Planet Under Attack from Aliens Who Wield Laser Dragons
Solar System-177.2.LF-2: A System of Planets Scorched by Capricious Sun Beings
World-468.7.EC-1: A Solarpunk Planet Rebuilt by Elves
Earth-226.2.KD-65: A Post-Apocalyptic World Ruined and Ruled by Daikaiju
Earth-805.2.KA-2: Knights vs. Aliens
Solar System-817.4.IA-8: Alien Solar System Overrun by an Invasive Species
Solar System-706.4.AS-5: Afrofuture Colony Planets of Martial Artist Squadrons Competing for Ultra-Metal

Modern Fantasy, Urban Fantasy and Superhero Worlds

Earth-525.5.WR-3: The Reassembled Cities of Warped Space and Parkour
Earth-525.5.PL-130: City with a Secret Society of People Who Move Through Transmission Lines
Luna-626.5.LN-4: A Lunarpunk Moon Colony of Post-Modern Witchcraft
Earth-547.4.FF-5: An Urban Underworld of Fistfights
Earth-607.4.US-51: A ‘Merica of War-Fighting
Earth-557.5.GC-13: A Magical City, as Seen Through the Eyes of the Waitresses
Sol-757.5.SH-12: The Eternally New World of Superheroes
World-436.4.SS-9: A World of Spy vs. Shapeshifter
Earth-617.6.MM-22: A Battlefield of Continuously Escalating Mecha and Kaiju
Earth-868.4.FJ-49: A Future Japan Conquered by Shadow Spirits of Forgotten Superstitions
World-526.5.MM-6: A World With Marilith Civilians
Earth-587.3.PK-29: A Future of Sudden Psychokinetic Awakening
Earth-536.4.MD-6: A Europe of Civil Demon Settlers

Pre-Modern Fantasy Worlds

World-257.5.PY-7: A Nation of High Psionics
World-267.3.FI-2: An Infinite-Skies Plane of Warring Floating Islands
World-007.3.DN-3: An Tribal War-zone of Stone-Age Farmers with Dinosaurs
World-037.4.IC-6: A World of Ice and Snow, Megafauna and Witches
World-207.5.CR-0: A Maritime World of Storms and Crows
Earth-237.2.DR-7: A Despotic European Monarchy in the Shadow of Dragons
Earth-236.4.DR-9: A Rainy Asian Nation that Worships Weather Dragons
World-157.5.UW-4: A Magical Planet of Shallow Seas and Merfolk
World-417.4.CL-12: A World of Clockwork Magitech
Earth-437.6.AN-19: An Art Nouveau Fantasy Countryside
Earth-257.4.SI-5: A Silkpunk Fantasy State of Organic Technologies
World-206.4.AW-3: A Fantasy Kingdom of Realistic Armor and Lady Knights
Earth-368.4.RP-20: A Tabletop JRPG Mechanics Universe Ruled by Player-Gods
Earth-216.4.TI-4: A Subcontinent In Reverence of the Tiger
World-246.2.TC-3: A Mêlée à Trois of Armies of Rock, Paper, and Scissors
Earth-178.2.BK-30: A Tropical Paradise Archipelago of Decadent Sorcerers
World-157.3.AS-6: A World of Humans Fighting Asuras
Earth-236.6.MH-2: A Feudal China of Virtuous Kings and Multi-Headed Monsters
World-347.7.CT-57: A World with Democracy Replacing Kings
World-136.6.FP-5: A World of Magically Abundant Crops and Flowers
Earth-305.6.DH-2: An Earth with Dragons in Charge of Humans
World-107.2.CI-4: A Snowy Wilderness of Centaur-Like Tribes
Earth-147.4.TR-3: Tribal Societies of Possessed Protector Robots
World-247.5.DW-11: Small Desert Communities Focused Around Water Magic
World-248.5.HC-31: A Spoopy Gothic Non-Horror World
World-127.4.TL-2: A Tropical World of Warring Reptile Tribes
World-417.5.DD-5: A Surface World Burned by Dragons, Reclaimed by Dwarf Engineers
World-257.6.CA-4: A Fantasy World of Cat Adventurers
World-238.3.OI-8: A Flooded World of Owl Mages and Crossbowmen Survivors
World-028.4.OO-14: An Open Ocean World of Merfolk Nomads
World-207.3.OG-2: War World of Orcs and Goblins
World-368.5.HL-3: City-States of Halfling Scholars
World-268.4.DJ-3: A World Filled with Genies of Various Types
World-248.3.PS-1: A Horror World of Hungry Shadows
World-147.6.NX-11: A Plains-World of Thunderbird Priestesses
World-357.4.GM-13: A Land of Guns and Sorcery
World-367.4.US-72: The United Federal Republic of Arikam

Unsorted, Miscellaneous or Weird Fiction Worlds

World-267.4.DV-6: A Battlefield Between Horned Humanoids and Winged Giants
World-157.5.HL-99: A Magma Underworld of Skeletal Giants
World-028.2.NM-11: A World of Microscopic Structures and Creatures
Universe-998.8.PW-97: A Pesudo-Multiverse of Solitude and Angels
Earth-415.3.BB-3: A Mountain Peak of Body Horror
World-658.7.MD-2: A Heaven of Hospitality and Healing
World-708.7.EB-6: A World of High-Tech Robot Bees and Hexagons
World-427.5.AH-3: A Backwoods of Skirmishes Between Men and Beasts
World-867.7.AD-7: A Vault-Demiplane for Storing Away Powerful Objects
World-578.6.EP-1: An Extradimensional Rehabilitation Tower
Earth-536.3.AS-12: Astrologically-Ruled World of Divination and Twelve Divisions
World-418.4.DA-22: A Neozoic World of Airships and Dinosaurs
Universe-498.7.ES-0: A Universe to Exalt Seven Million Saints

Universum; “A medieval missionary tells that he has found the point where heaven and Earth meet…” (by Heikenwaelder Hugo, modified Flammarion Woodcut, 1998)

Enjoy your stay.