50th Post and Hiatus

So this is my 50th post on this website. It feels like a milestone! I've been updating roughly once a week for a while, as the few of you who frequent my website may be aware. However, the truth is that lately other things have been demanding my attention (work, life, etc.), and rather than …

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Marc-Charles-Gabriel Gleyre: Egyptian Temple (1840)

Covenant and Ruin by John R. Canter

“Any luck?” he asked. She hesitated. She was trying not to find what she knew would be there. And as she passed the light over the stone carvings, she saw it: a bare spot where the inscriptions, lost secrets of ancient Menurabi, were now truly lost, and a circular marking carved over it instead. She pulled out a mid-sized book from her traveler’s bag, holding it in both hands, and recited magic words; her eyes glowed, and in her field of vision, the magical forces of the world were laid bare and visible. The arcane mark shone a dark blue and was indeed a glyph of a solar eclipse with a stylized zigzag, either lightning coming down or a toothy maw of darkness swallowing the sun.