Starfinder Stat Block: Hovorg

She sidled along to another one of the cows, and again no match of what she was looking for. The biotech corporation’s secret files were encrypted onto the DNA of a hovorg, and she had also deduced beforehand that they had to be stored in the genetic code of one of the animals in this farm. But, again, another negative reading.

Pathfinder Stat Block: the Tau Automaton

The room had a domed ceiling of twelve arches. The thick transparent glass floor was the face of a giant six-handed clock, ticking ever so quietly. In the center of the magically lit chamber was a being of metal and feminine shape. It rose from a cross-legged sitting position, and drew sword and shield.

Starfinder Stat Block: Void Fish

The space whale must have fought valiantly against whatever star kraken strangled the life out of it, and now its desiccating corpse was flourishing with scavengers. Whole shoals of void fish continued to fly around, picking off bits of flesh with their sets of three jaws. Vadaria would occasionally pause for a moment to enjoy the pirouettes and seemingly playful spins these wild space-faring creatures displayed.