Magic the Gathering: Philosophy that isn’t black-and-white

Recently I've delved deeper into the Color Wheel for their different outlooks on life, and with a critical look at Black and White mana in particular I've found it is possible to construct a fairly rational and realist approach to life by taking the best and avoiding the worst of each.

Constructed World Review: Pacific Rim (2013) and Pacific Rim Uprising (2018) by John R. Canter

In this write-up, let’s take a look at the setting of the Pacific Rim franchise as a constructed world – rather than examine the story or characters, we’ll look at the setting as an exercise in understanding how it fares as a fictional reality in and of itself.

Visualizing Your Place in the Solar System in Proper Scale

Earth is home. Our Solar System is also home, but it is far larger than most people realize. Part of this is an inability to experience this distance in person: most people never spend much time traveling across the planet Earth in a way to take in the size of all our continents and seas, and our local backyard in outer space is orders of magnitude larger. Another problem can be the way space is presented to our visual minds in scale.