World-268.4.DJ-3: A World Filled with Genies of Various Types

setting idea inspiration images - 84 World-268.4.DJ-3

Alongside humans are jinn. Like humans, jinn (or genies) are highly varied in appearance and mannerisms: some are weak servants or slaves basically just like humans, while others are unchained reality-warping gods. Some look just like humans, while others have default forms partly made of magical blue smoke. Scholars catalogue at least 27 different categories of jinn types that each seem to follow different rules.

Nearly all jinn possess magical powers. Many can change the world around them with varying degrees of subtlety, detail, and range, but the easiest and most basic is sand-manipulation and earth-shaping. They can also fly, turn invisible, and shape-change, often in serpents.

While among humans monotheism is more common (which requires humans not to take jinn as their lords), among jinn and those who do associate with them mosques are instead built to venerate noble jinn that have reality-warping levels of power. Such mosques are often decorated with obvious magical effects, such as perpetual lights and levitating structures.

Both jinn and humans can magically bind and bewitch each other. Either can force the opposite into servitude, usually by sealing their slave into some kind of solid object as a receptacle. Thus bound, the slave must fulfill the wishes of their master, but there is always a way out of this bondage – by default through one hundred years of servitude in addition to at least two other more specific means.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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