World-147.6.NX-11: A Plains-World of Thunderbird Priestesses

setting idea inspiration images - 87 World-147.6.NX-11

Though hills and rivers act as landscape markers, the land of the world is one massive flat plains that stretches for thousands of kilometers. The planet’s uniformity of both elevation and rainfall is supernatural, resulting in nearly world-wide grasslands nestled between the seas.

In the major cities of these plains, people build their homes from earthen material, such as adobe. Their cities are meticulously planned works of architecture and agricultural efficiency. Temples to their bird deities are often step pyramids.

Much of the priesthood is women, who venerate the mythic thunderbirds. These are observed, high in the clouds, to bring rain from the sea, and they number in the tens of millions worldwide. The priestesses are thus in charge of offering sacrifices of livestock to the birds, and they divine the future from their passage overland.

Other spirits of the land receive sacrifices as well, but these are titans and other spirits sealed away in the hard-packed earth since primordial times. Rituals are used to maintain the earth-lines that keep the ghosts of the demonic giants – and no fewer than 11 traitorous thunderbirds – forever imprisoned, lest they wreck destruction by unleashing volcanic mountains, using floods to create islands and swamps, or raising thick impassable forests.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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