Universe-498.7.ES-0: A Universe to Exalt Seven Million Saints

setting idea inspiration images - 86 Universe-498.7.ES-0

There was, and remains, a known extant god. They are not distant, and instead active in the affairs of mortals, though indirectly through the birthing of cohorts of gods or the individual exaltation of saints. Gods made by the creator are like angels or demons; here they are same kind of creature, and the distinction is a question of their present mood.

Far from another largely opposite multiverse, this compartmentalized universe of ring world sits at the center of 333 other ring worlds, most of which are Earth-like and amicable for life. It is an ordered reality, filled with law-abiding people and long stretches of peacetime.

The central ring world is governed by three elected leaders who share and split their power, manifest in glowing copper medals installed on their hearts. The various cities (all cosmopolitan) are home to multitudes of people, as well as to massive trees. These cornucopia trees were originally monsters that were tamed and sealed away in petrified slumber, now providing produce for the populous and rampaging no more.

As peacetime throughout the ring worlds has reigned for over three thousand years, the people practice martial arts and archery more for exercise and as a hobby than for self-defense. People also wear masks during many of the seasonal competitions, which are often beautiful and serene.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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