Solar System-706.4.AS-5: Afrofuture Colony Planets of Martial Artist Squadrons Competing for Ultra-Metal

setting idea inspiration images - 90 Solar System-706.4.AS-5

After leaving the Earth behind, the space-faring nations of Africa settled a diaspora in a neighboring solar system. When they colonized it over generations through terrforming technology, they brought along 5,000 years of African traditions on how to build their cities and make use of there resources.

Leading the armies that defend the nations’ resources are special highly-trained captains. These wear unique suits that augment their strength and resistance to injury; even without them they are highly skilled martial artists.

For additional protection many of these warriors don special armor made of ultra-metal. Though somewhat bulky, the armor is impervious to bullets and most ranged weapons, necessitating that martial arts be used in battle instead.

Besides fist-fighting these captains will usually be highly trained in stick and spear-fighting. This is a form of ritual combat that often decides borders and resource conflicts more so than actual war: each side presents five champions to battle each other as a team, with the winning team representing a win for the whole military camp.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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