Solar System-605.5.AM-19: A Constellation of Asteroids Mined for Resources

setting idea inspiration images - 88 Solar System-605.5.AM-19

After colonizing the Moon, humans began harvesting resources from the asteroid belt and various small natural satellites in orbit around the Earth. The most prized of these is a captured rock containing platinum-group metals.

Much of the actual physical labor is performed by mining robots. These spider-like constructs tunnel through the rock under human supervision, but are largely autonomous or remote-controlled.

The humans venture into the vacuum of space sparingly, controlling things instead from their interior habitats as much as possible. In addition to living quarters and recreational spaces, most every room also at least partially contains a module for growing food, with dedicated farming modules located in the interior far from airlocks of possible ruptures.

The interior of the asteroids are carved out of tunnels. Because of their weak gravity the rock is not as tightly bound together as heavy caverns of stone are back on Earth. The stability of the tunnels is checked regularly to ensure that the access paths used by people and the mining shafts excavated by robots are safe from collapse or degradation.


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