Earth-605.3.PR-14: Mega-Cities of High-Tech Crime and High-Tech Police

setting idea inspiration images - 80 Earth-605.3.PR-14

In the city, high-tech crime is rampant: in addition to drug deals, murder, and turf wars, cyber-crime of all forms, using and also against both people and AI, is on the rise. Competition to stay on the cutting edge of the latest tech leads to device arms-races. Sentiment is that any criminal gang or mafia family that isn’t using these methods deserves to go out of business.

In turn, police use robots to fight crime. Some make busts armored in miniature mecha, while others make use of aerial drones and cameras to spy on citizens, for whom mass surveillance is something they largely accept (or have no choice in).

All of this data is funneled into a central command. As it is the functional brain of the city’s counter-cyber-crime police, using a thousand tandem and parallel AI to monitor as much as possible, it is also the primary target for criminals attempting to poke the eyes out of those who would watch and arrest them. Although their record has improved, they initially started fairly weak with several leadership changes that resulted in no fewer than 14 critical system failures at the hands of criminals; within the last 3 years their performance has been much improved, without even one (apparent) intrusion.

Police don’t just fight crime with robots: some robots are police officers. The deployment of android detectives has been a controversial one, but so far every such machine is paired with a flesh-and-blood cop.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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