Earth-536.4.MD-6: A Europe of Civil Demon Settlers

setting idea inspiration images - 82 Earth-536.4.MD-6

On this Earth the states of the European Union seem largely normal from a distance. But in addition to the modern questions and issues of everyday immigration, a different racial influx has occurred within the last six and half years.

Demons (interchangeably also called devils) have appeared from the lower planes into the mortal realm. Most of these have adapted to modern life. Although they are capable of magic, arriving on Earth has left them mortal, and spell-casting diminishes their souls; too much results in death (not banishment back to Hell, but instead permanent cessation of existence).

The demons escaped Hell through magic portals. Each portal took 666 years to make, and would only stay open once for a limited time. Thus the number of demons in the EU and the world is currently small, making up less than 6% of the population of any city.

Despite public and religious fears (and continuing prejudice), demons, it turns out, are just regular people. They pay their taxes, sit in traffic, and wash their laundry just like humans do. One growing subculture, whose members call themselves tieflings, aims to integrate into human society as much as possible; practical and outnumbered as they are in the moral realm, there are almost no militant conservatives among demon-kind.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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