Earth-536.3.AS-12: Astrologically-Ruled World of Divination and Twelve Divisions

setting idea inspiration images - 76 Earth-536.3.AS-12

One of mankind’s oldest disciplines is watching the stars, hoping through various systems of divination to read their movements and correctly predict the truth about present and future events. Despite dozens of systems being developed across the world and throughout history, only Western Zodiac sun sign astrology, in this universe, is found to be true in dictating how things in the universe, and even Earth’s continents, are structured.

One of the consequences of a universe structure this way is that there are only 12 kinds of people. Knowing the sign of the person you’re dealing with directly means you have a 100% grasp of their psyche and what kind of behavior you can expect. Each sign has a ruling house, with powerful leaders bearing the mark of their sign on their foreheads as a symbol of leadership; together these 12 factions rule different aspects of the modern world.

Most importantly, though, divining the movements of the planets and their supernatural causal effects on the terrestrial world of humanity means that astrologers predict the future accurately and in great detail. The business of horoscopes is an essential public service with higher reverence than political office or military strength. No one ever does anything without consulting their horoscope, for all human destiny is known to be predetermined.

In actuality, however, destiny is more complicated. Secretly within the human population are 13 Incarnates: incarnations of the raw power of a zodiac sign. These beings have a reversed relationship with astrology: they tell their sign what to portend, though their influence is usually in the form of subtle shifts. The 13th Incarnate is a secret being unknown to the world, that of Ophiuchus; those who do know of them fear their potentially disruptive power to upset the Twelve.


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