Starfinder Corps (fan art)

The makers of the Starfinder RPG said they wanted to give it what they called “that Cantina feel“.  The idea of walking into a place in space and coming face to face with aliens of every race – thus giving it an atmosphere of diversity and strangeness.  For me, though, my mind gravitated towards something more like this:

Green Lantern Corps

Starfinder Corps - 04 green

… and, relatedly …

Sinestro Corps

Starfinder Corps - 03 yellow

Star Sapphires

Starfinder Corps - 07 violet

Indigo Tribe

Starfinder Corps - 06 indigo

Starfinder belongs to Paizo; the Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro Corps, Star Sapphires and Indigo Tribe belong to DC Comics.

Made in Serif Photo Plus, a free image editing program.

I would like to hear from you! Do you like art posts? Do you have critiques or suggestions for future art? I would love to read your feedback and criticisms – just enter your comment in the Leave a Reply section, and I’ll gladly consider them for future posts.

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