World-257.6.CA-4: A Fantasy World of Cat Adventurers

setting idea inspiration images - 62 World-257.6.CA-4

In a world of adventure, ancient ruins, and monstrous dangers, heroes venture forth to find lost treasures and battle terrible creatures: in this case, those people are cats.  The cat people possess an innate capacity for magic, which spellcaters (cats that focus on becoming good as spells) can use to summon spirit allies, create circular warding barriers, or healing or damage magic.

Of course, while magic is common, not every cat person becomes a spellcater.  Many choose the path of warrior, their inherent magic giving them nine lives.  Using magical sight a cat can check the number of lives remaining for someone or themselves – warriors are often hired as mercenaries, with the number of lives they have left being an indicator of their pay rate.

Besides these tenacious if adorable cat people, there are a variety of other cute creatures throughout the world.  In fact it would be hard to catalogue the creatures that don’t have some amount of cuteness to them – even the slime monsters and vampire cats are sort of cute.  This, of course, makes them no less aggressive, and they can regularly cause problems for non-adventurers and towns.

Towns are more common than large cities, and they are usually within a day or two’s walking distance of each other.  Farther out on game trails are dungeons (basically any used cave or old ruined structure), where treasure is often hidden by bandit lords, greedy monsters, or dead kings from older eras.  Such treasure is often the draw for many cat people seeking excitement in their lives, though only the brave reach the spoils.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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