Earth-587.3.PK-29: A Future of Sudden Psychokinetic Awakening

setting idea inspiration images - 75 Earth-587.3.PK-29

Within the last year, exponentially increasing numbers of humans suddenly awakened a third eye overnight. There are very few people left worldwide without one. While this only grants limited increased visual abilities, its more important feature is that it has activated within humans latent psionic powers.

Psionic power allows people to move objects with their thoughts and affect energy and force using their mind, line of sight, and the movements of their hands. In this world psionic power takes the form of telekinetic ability rather than cognitive powers like mind reading or predicting the future.

As scientists scrambled to explain the phenomenon they and others were awakening to (which had previously been considered a pseudoscientific impossibility), they discovered a means of measuring brain power as it relates to telekinesis. Such power varies between individuals, and those which higher power levels are able to more easily exert more Newtons of force on greater numbers of vectors at once.

While most uses of telekinetic manipulation are invisible and subtle, an advanced form of psionic power involves projecting energy streams at targets. While telekinesis have various dexterous applications, psionic rays essentially only have a use as a powerful weapon. In addition to attacking with concussive force, rays also produce light and electrical forces, which can stun people (as a TASER) or damage electrical systems (as a short-circuit).


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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