Earth-226.2.KD-65: A Post-Apocalyptic World Ruined and Ruled by Daikaiju

setting idea inspiration images - 70 Earth-226.2.KD-65

65 years ago, daikaiju emerged from untold eons of slumber, their awakening to this day triggered by an unknown force. As hundreds of thousands of daikaiju continued to pour forth from underground, underwater, and from wilderness unknown, they preyed upon each other, largely heedless of the humans whose worlds they crushed.

Massive beyond the bounds of science and powerful beyond the strength of any country’s military forces, they laid waste to civilization and brought ruin to cities throughout the world in their titanic battles against each other. Having no capacity to stop the monsters, humanity’s population and states collapsed, leaving a once mighty technological civilization to pick at the scraps of slain cities and daikaiju.

Numbering in the tens of millions worldwide, wild daikaiju roam free across all continents and in every ocean. They take a variety of forms, and they defy natural classification: when a daikaiju reproduces, it lays one enormous egg, from which hatches a full-developed and already deadly creature that often looks radically different from its parent. In addition to their fantastic strength and size, they seem immune to disease, radiation, and conventional weapons.

Despite the Earth having been fully claimed (or perhaps reclaimed) by the daikaiju, some humans fight them still. Completely lacking mecha of any kind, many of these are solitary madmen or small squads of monster slayers who rely on stealth, climbing ability and precise attacks to their studied anatomical vulnerabilities to weaken the daikaiju, leaving it vulnerable to being killed by an uninjured rival. Ultimately, though, there is no long-term strategy for mankind, other than to survive.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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