Sol-757.3.CO-13: A Supervillain False God’s Fiefdom

The old worlds were destroyed; here was what replaced them.

(I likely won’t take the time to write the full story, so enjoy a synopsis at least.)


Act 1: A Cosmic Fist Clenches Around the Earth

The previously existing universes collapse, converging on foundational reality fragments of Local Group-757.4.SC-10, under the supervillain Chan-13. He is directing the Architects, the Gene-Lords, and the Warlocks after having overpowered their leading supervillains. Neither superheroes nor villains can stop the total destruction, as the sky fills with the blinding white light of blank space.

Minutes before the destruction, the super-genius scientist Quinn Quartermain prepares the retrofitted starship Zheng He as an escape pod that protects its occupants from the end of the remaining universes, by sending them “outside” of it for some time. Thus, some heroes survive and arrive in Chan-13’s world with their memories intact, but the crew is somewhat random people: Quinn Quartermain the inventor, Tao Chan (a weaker Earth-755.5.KS-5 superhero counterpart to the supervillain Chan-13), planes-walker Jenny Everywhere, support superhero Aya Kumar, the Chinese dragon Ban Long, high-tech vigilante Red Spider Peter Cellar, master telepath Grace Beshara, and the veteran but powerless psychic Muhammad Yildiz; they form the Alliance. They have only a single cosmic octahedron between them, but it is one of the multiverse’s Diamonds of the Eight Steps.

Chan-13, already a quantum immortal and empowered by stolen octahedrons, continues to command the three powerful leading supervillains of the universe-destroying factions (the Commander Architect, the Gene-Lord Mastermind, and the Warlock Arch-King), now known as the Immortal Trinity. Their political alliance and boons of additional superpowers further boost his abilities to god-like levels; Chan-13 thereafter calls himself God.

Chan-13 uses his reality-warping superpowers to create a new universe from the randomly-arranged fragments of the old universes, but it is much smaller and less stable than the older ones, even when held together with the power of the Chaos World Sphere. As the god of this universe Chan-13 subjugates everyone into an extant theocracy of his design. Under him, his Immortal Trinity, their appointed Authorities, and the law-binding Code are various supervillains (the Guardians) that rule parts of the cobbled-together world, while superheroes are forced to serve the villains. While no-one’s personalities were changed (and thus they somewhat continue to fight, compete and war against each other constantly), everyone else’s memories of the past are suppressed, leaving them to bow to the will and reality of a false god. The world believes the current year is 4001 AD. Large areas of the world, as Wastelands, remain ruined from superhuman-conflicts and trapped under Guardian martial law; these areas are also roamed by feral dinosaurs and daikaiju.

superhero - supervillain (modified, after Superhero facing supervillain by Malchev)
The supervillain that lords over the Earth. (modified, after Superhero facing supervillain by Malchev)

In the world of the False God’s Fiefdom, the Authorities and Guardians are numerous and varied. The broken, cobbled-together Earth is orbited by tiny planets, the moon and suns in a geocentric fashion (and ruled by lunarian, reptilian, platinian or other alien Authorities), and split into three divisions, one each for the factions of the Immortal Trinity. And a central capital city on Olympus Mons, the Red Mountain and highest peak on Earth, is crowned with a castle of God, the floating fortress spacecraft carrier the Eternal Star, home to wizards of Clarke-level technology, energy-projection super-warriors, and extra-terrestrial magic-users.

The Warlocks rule the Twelve Serpents, who in turn command Guardians of all animal totem Champions (of note: Champions Monkey, Eagle, Lion, Ant, and Human). They also command vampires (through Guardian Vlad Dracul), dragons (through the Dragon-Slave Horns), the aquatic kingdoms of Atlantis (through the Authority Champion Shark, the Emperor of the Oceans), demon hordes, zombies, and dozens (if not hundreds) of beings with elemental magic. Among the Arch-King’s highest ranks are distributed various supernatural treasures, under the jurisdiction of an Authority with the rank of Arch-Mage. Some of their enchanted skirmishers and warriors possess magically superhuman speed (Speedsters) or strength (Berserkers), and they also dispatch beings who transform into more powerful or disguised forms. While they rule all of sunken Atlantis, Swazaiba, Ape City, and Jerusalem, they keep their capital at Xindijing under the rule of Chinese dragons.

The Gene-Lords rule psychics through the Authority Revelation; he dispatches super-soldiers who use precognition to arrest people of pre-crimes, as well as coordinated telepathic commandos. They also have some loose command over several daikaiju (notably through constant mind-control of Dalazgi, the Daikaiju King). Their most fearsome agent instead, however, is a young girl who is the psychic vessel of the cosmic entity Thanatos, an Authority that would be a mild rival to Chan-13 in terms of raw physical power but who is kept unaware of her powers’ scale and scope through memory manipulation by the Gene-Lord Mastermind. They control most of North and South America, as well as Europe.

The Architects control the moon and the lunarians, the Space Enforcers (through Guardian Jade Alans), and a clone army of rhenians (under war-master Guardian Karee Sera). Their terrestrial territories are headed by major-ranked super-soldiers armed with Armor-Master armors (led by Guardian Major Washington), and who battle Red Spider and the other anti-authoritarian vigilante members of the Spider’s Web. Several Architect-aligned Guardians are cyborgs or other unkillable post-human commandos, while spies may make use of technology to possess superpowers of size-shifting and matter-phasing. They control the city of Sparta, the southern and eastern U.S. and all of Russia and Antarctica, as well as all alien non-humans and extraterrestrial locations other than the Suns.

Act 2: The Psychic Unlocking of Memories

The Alliance crash-land into this new world and survey their situation. They quickly realize that the only way to restore the current universe into a more stable singular one is to defeat Chan-13 and his Immortal Trinity, regain the other octahedrons, and use their powers to try to reverse what was done. Nearly all octahedrons are in Chan-13’s possession, slotted into his skin in an incomplete, asymmetrical collection of 31 diamonds; this, in addition to the boons he gains from the Immortal Trinity, makes him insanely powerful and almost omnipotent (though not omniscient, nor omnipresent).

The subservient Architect Jej Selik, who has worked out what has happened to the multiverse using his post-singularity intellect, chooses to stay out of the eventual fighting against Chan-13, reasoning that the time is not right to waste resources fighting him yet.

At first the Alliance’s opposition goes poorly: one of their first forays into the new world brings them initially into an encounter with three of the Architects’ Guardians (who they escape from), but then also by none other than a cosmically-empowered Star-Man, who is passively mind-controlled to serve Chan-13 directly as one of his hand-chosen Authorities. In a freak accident he touches the octahedron the group possessed, which instantly restores his erased memories of his past life, causing him to join the Alliance against the false god.

Star-Man convinces the Alliance that they must liberate the original Trinity to defeat Chan-13. Parson Huntsman, as the Mastermind, continued to oppose the Authorities and their supervillain minions, surviving as a vigilante living on the street. Star-Man, pretending to be an Authority still, gains directions from the police of Sparta to Mastermind’s most probable whereabouts, and the Alliance goes to restore his memories. Before they can find him Star-Man is neutralized by Mastermind, using a special anti-octahedron punch-gun, and also easily defeats the Alliance single-handed. When, as a scavenger, he goes through their gear he touches the octahedron, and his memories are restored; to the Alliance’s surprise, his attitude about Chan-13 remains identical, but now upon learning that this could be part of a plan to save the world, he joins the Alliance.

When the Alliance looks for Bodhisattva, they find her as a beggar nun living on the streets of a Warlock-controlled slum. Without the aid of the octahedron she had already remembered her past lives, but was waiting for the chance to awaken those she cared for. She holds onto the octahedron for the arrival of Dharmapala, a Guardian who would come daily to feed her, and when she touches the stone to her, the two are finally reunited and complete the old Trinity.

Act 3: Intel, Battle, and Preparations

In this fashion the Alliance grows, adding downtrodden heroes to their ranks through Star-Man’s posturing, Mastermind’s stealth, and Bodhisattva’s insight. At the same time, the gradual disappearance of various former heroes that were in varying states of servitude to ruling supervillain Guardians leads to an investigation. Through review of the mass surveillance of the Architects’ Watchmen robots, the ESP of the Gene-Lords’ psychics, and the scrying magic of the Warlocks’ wizards they each quickly piece together that something is happening in their fiefs, and report this to their watchful God.

When Chan-13 sees live scrying footage that Tao Chan, the last one in the multiverse, is in his world, he teleports immediately to the gathered Alliance. Caught flat-footed and completely unprepared, they are forced to fight and the battle goes poorly, with Mastermind and Star-Man killed almost instantly, along with other liberated heroes. Bodhisattva Xiu Ying telepathically directs Dharmapala to escape with the survivors to a secret location via teleportation. Chan-13 fails to learn where they went, as he cannot read her thoughts from her emptied enlightened mind and she refuses to cow to intimidation. This defiance throws Chan-13 into a rage, killing Bodhisattva and leaving him unfocused thereafter: he directs all of his subordinates to ignore every matter of state other than the manhunt for Tao Chan and the last octahedron.

Safely hiding at the South Pole Pyramid and shielded from detection by the cosmic being Apocrypha that dwells there, the deaths of the original Trinity are followed by a heart-felt funeral, where both heroes and villains pay their respects. They plan their next move in secret: rather than weather a protracted campaign by themselves over the next six months from this stronghold veiled by Apocrypha, they will instead have only six days to recruit as many memory-restored people as possible as they teleport, veiled, across the world.

Act 4: Assault of Sorcery and Secrets

At the end of six days of gathering forces, the Alliance makes their assault in five teams, two overt combat forces as a distraction, two stealth teams as decoys, and Tao Chan, Jenny Everywhere, and Aya Kumar working as the actual stealth team, veiled by Apocrypha. As the Alliance battles their way to Chan-13, the false god dispatches his remaining Authorities to deal with their opposition: a Warlock-enchanted Arch-Mage Lord Iron who fights with the Pinaka and the Talaria; a Gene-Lord purified Thanatos whose cosmic psionics reshapes the battlefield with telekinetic minefields and thought-storms; and an Architect-uplifted Master Machine leading armies of killer robots.

Meanwhile each stealth team works to infiltrate the Eternal Star, Chan-13’s space castle, from which he watches the battle. When one team is captured, Chan-13 uses his superhuman senses to instantly detect the second one, but not the third one with Tao Chan, who manages to sneak up behind him while veiled by Apocrypha. He attempts to neutralize Chan-13’s octahedrons with his own, but Chan-13’s superhuman reflexes are too fast: he immediately transmutes his surroundings to trap both himself and Tao Chan alone together inside a hollow ten-meter cube of solid ultra-metal.

Tao Chan, completely at Chan-13’s mercy, has no choice but to listen to the villain’s self-righteous tirade. Furious at the trouble he’s caused, he takes Tao Chan’s Diamond of the Eight Steps, and goes to add it to himself. An instant before he does so, however, a blinding light atomizes the ultra-metal box, staggering Chan-13 for a moment. In that moment, all the octahedrons in his body spontaneously fly out and are scattered across the ground randomly. Both of them scramble to grab as many as they can while fighting each other with the power they gain from each gem. As this happens the world around them, once held together by Chan-13, begins to loose cohesion. In the end, though Chan-13 winds up with the slim majority of octahedrons, Tao Chan receives a power boost from Aya Kumar and becomes the stronger of the two, and just manages to beat Chan-13 until he can no longer stand.

Act 5: Sending Hope to a New Universe

Standing over his defeated opponent, Tao Chan looks up to see the world cracking and the sky turning white: the final power struggle between Chan-13 and Tao Chan will result in the destruction of the false god’s world, believed to be all that was left. The distant One God intervenes again: their power just barely eclipsed Chan-13’s in his false god state, and it was they who had sent down the light that scattered his collection of octahedrons, so as to give the heroes one last miraculous chance. The One God then recreates the world into the Eternally New World with Apocrypha’s help. This world emerges from the central sun Chan-13 had claimed, the Cosmic Egg populated by the people the Once God judged worth saving from the Earth-625.5.MS-8 universe. Tao Chan stays outside the new universe to ensure that they can observe its long-term survival, and otherwise lives the rest of their new immortal life as a planes-walker.

All the bloody destruction and tangled strife of the old worlds are erased away, starting over with a clean slate, to bring about instead a new world of great heroes: an Eternally New World.

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