Sol-506.5.TT-2: An Earth of Highly-Trained and High-Tech Superheroes

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This was a modern world of superheroes and supervillains.  For those people their superpowers came from extensive training, advanced technology or super-soldier conditioning.  The multiverse scholars who studied this world note that it was occupied by vigilantes, cyborgs and robots and filled with criminals, paramilitary organizations and nascent space colonization.  While superhuman activity was world-wide and involved tens of thousands of note-worthy individuals, much of the most important events centered on the eastern coast of the United States and international war-zones.  Its timeline is detailed below.

setting idea inspiration images - TPAMS - Sol-506.5.TT-2, 2

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Historical Timeline of Events

Superhero age header for TPAMS - 01 Golden Age

1938 Parson Huntsman, intelligent and resourceful, begins his crusade fighting crime bosses and corrupt police officers in the city of Sparta as the vigilante Red Spider.
1939 America and the world pulls out of the Great Depression, partly due to the war effort; World War II breaks out after years of territorial expansion by Axis Powers. Commissioner Bridges heads the police department in Sparta.
1940 Red Spider recruits Webster Brown as his sidekick Orbweaver, and has their first confrontation with the madman Mack “Maniac” Arneson, serial thief Cat Burglar, and several other criminals. A half-dozen other vigilantes begin crime-fighting careers. Maximilian Goldsmith, genius inventor and businessman, opposes vigilante superheroes.
1941 Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union invade across Europe; 11 to 17 million murdered in the Holocaust, and the U.S. enters WWII after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Allen Starr deployed in response as the patriotic, strong and tough super-soldier Major Washington, primarily to battle Gottfried Speer, the Nazi’s top super-scientist. Robin Bower becomes the vigilante master archer Trick-Shot, training the young Garrett Fletcher as his sidekick.
1942 Richard Johnson begins his spectacular tour in WWII as a brilliant military leader. Practice of using alter-ego code-names becomes widespread among vigilantes and government agents, and Canon Comics publishes propaganda exploits of war heroes.
1943 DNA double-helix structure discovered.
1944 Allied Normandy landings in Northern France, with Major Washington leading the charge.
1945 WWII ends: Germany surrenders defeat, and atomic bombings force the surrender of Japan. Growing worries of vigilante “heroes” influencing juvenile delinquency and illegal behavior. The Authority and its Code established: rather than submit to direct government oversight, crime-fighters use a self-monitoring review system, under the moral direction of Major Washington.
1947 The Cold War between the USA and the west vs. the USSR and the east, each side developing super-soldiers. The athletic Field Captain uses special sports equipment to commit crimes.
1948 Major Washington deployed to the Arab–Israeli War between the newly declared State of Israel and its Arab neighbors. Red Spider and Orbweaver face several criminals with obsessive idiosyncratic modus operandi.
1949 Communism grows in China under Mao Zedong, which establishes the People’s Republic of China; beginning of conflicts between Taiwanese vigilantes and mainland super-soldier Major Beijing.
1950 Number of superheroes greatly reduced under Authority restrictions, and no new ones are joining; Red Spider and Orbweaver are the only regularly active crime-fighters (besides Major Washington), in defiance of the Authority. Major Washington deployed to the Korean War. The iconic Heroes’ Tower building is destroyed in a fight between Red Spider and Maximilian Goldsmith.
1952 End of U.S. occupation of Japan.
1953 The Korean War ends with an armistice between North and South. Super-spy Oliver Smith deployed as Agent Whitehall by the British government to battle Russians.
1954 The first successful minicomputer marketed and the first supercomputer introduced.
1955 Major Washington deployed to the Vietnam War; American involvement later proves disastrous.

Superhero age header for TPAMS - 02 Silver Age

1956 Development of non-lethal “punch-gun,” whose concussive shots cannot kill but can induce unconsciousness; the weapon becomes widely used over the following years and standard issue among vigilantes.
1959 Soviet influence at its height; Cuban Revolution and the overthrow of Batista by Fidel Castro, creating a communist Cuba. Incarcerated villains accept suicide missions in exchange for reduced prison sentences, forming the Mitigation Team. Advances in cryogenic preservation science.
1961 East German construction workers begin building the Berlin Wall. The Bay of Pigs Invasion, an unsuccessful CIA-backed and Major Washington-led attempt to overthrow the communist government of Cuba. The Quartermain Family, a specialist strike team, go on spy missions with special equipment: Beckett Quartermain is the genius inventor, Wendy Quartermain is a spy with an invisibility belt, Flash Quartermain carries firearms and incendiaries, and Brock Quartermain wears ultra-tough body armor.
1962 The Cuban Missile Crisis nearly leads to nuclear exchange. Jin Liu rules Xindijing and plans to conquer Europe and the world with his advanced technology and super-robots; invention of six prototype androids. The mid-sized city of Greenville is destroyed in a battle between the Quartermain Family, Oliver Smith and Jin Liu.
1963 U.S. president John F. Kennedy assassinated; replaced by VP Lyndon Johnson. Warren Kaplan builds a suit of powered armor to become Armor-Master and ends a warlord’s weapons trade; later that year he fights a Russian with a similar suit. Supervillains invent a mechanical extra limbs harness and a winged flight harness; the devices finds non-supervillain use later. The Guardian Alliance becomes a permanent team of superheroes, lead by WWII veteran Richard Johnson; its members are headquartered in Alliance HQ in Washington D.C.
1964 Khrushchev expelled; Sino-Soviet relations become hostile. China detonates its first atomic bomb. First genetically engineered organisms. Major Washington joins the Guardian Alliance. Mark Archer, crack-shot archer and former villain, and Angela Smirnov, Russian double-agent code-named Secret Agent Kremlin who defects to America, join the Guardian Alliance. Orbweaver, now a lawyer in New York City, continues fighting crime as a parkour vigilante. Jin Liu develops a modified personal flight machine. Canon Comics revitalized to push pro-American propaganda.
1965 Richard Johnson uses perfect android duplicates to act in multiple places at once; Watchman robots, led by a master robot, deployed to hunt down vigilantes. The resilient terrorist group Twelve Serpents mobilizes plans to take over world governments and is stopped by Major Washington. Guardian Alliance aircraft carrier deployed.
1966 U.S. draft to enter the Vietnam War; Allen Starr returns with PTSD. Swazibia, an unconquered African nation with advanced technology and ultra-metal, opens up to the world under the leadership of Maghan Keitan. Guardian Alliance deploys custom VTOL aircraft.
1967 Che Guevara assassinated by the CIA and Bolivian army. Six-Day War between Israel and neighboring states, Israel gaining control of Levant territories. Martha Chaco trains under Red Spider to become Spiderling. Orbweaver battles Ezikiel Shade and his vast criminal empire in New York City. George Jones deployed by the British government as the new Agent Whitehall.
1968 The Global Positioning System (GPS) becomes fully operational. The self-improving android Master Machine attacks humanity and its defenders the Guardian Alliance, but in creating the android Mark-1 as a minion he is betrayed when Mark-1 turns on him to join the Guardian Alliance. Red Spider, Orbweaver, and Spiderling encounter the Serpents’ Fangs, assassins in league with the Twelve Serpents.
1969 Warren Kaplan fights a foe armed with ultra-metal blades that cut through his armor, and is saved by Mark Archer. Walter Williamson, outfitted with a special winged flight harness, becoming Wingman. Twelve Serpents leads an attack against America under Eve Jararaca. Harry Taylor replaces George Jones as Agent Whitehall, Britain’s top super-spy.
1970 The presence and rise of several women heads of state, including China until 1972, India until 1977, and in the United Kingdom.

Superhero age header for TPAMS - 03 Bronze Age

1971 Major Washington deployed to the Indo-Pakistani War. Drugs enter the public discourse. Code Authority relaxes its power. Parson Huntsman begins a romantic relationship with Rose Lacey.
1972 George Grant replaces the aging Allen Starr as Major Washington. Urban crime-fighter Deon Carter and martial artist Ying Huang team up to fight crime. Jack Brown deployed by the British government as the latest Agent Whitehall.
1973 Jin Liu kills Rose Lacey, sending Parson Huntsman into a rampage as he suffers the grief of loss. Ying Huang returns from travels in China to join the Guardian Alliance as one of the world’s best martial artists.
1974 Mercy Hospital opens and houses many criminals incarcerated by Red Spider, aiming to treat their mental illnesses. Benjamin Ray emerges as a powerful Canadian commando, equipped with ultra-metal bladed weapons. Disillusioned George Grant becomes a nomad after abandoning work for the government. Rayner Judge begins his murderous vigilante crusade against crime as Grim Reaper. Masters of Chinese and Japanese martial arts arrive in America, mixing with vigilantes: Ying Huang becomes a grand-master martial artist, defecting from Lord Qing, his father who trained him, vowing to oppose him and become the Master of Kung Fu; and Gin Shiruba becomes a modern samurai, initially as a hired henchman but then later as the Japanese hero Major Tokyo.
1975 The Vietnam War ends with the fall of Saigon. A diverse multinational version of Watch Team 5 replaces much of the older roster; Waya Thorrip, a highly skilled Native American warrior, joins Watch Team 5 before dying on a mission. The town of Fairview and the 12-mile-wide area of mountain forest around it is completely destroyed in a battle between the American Guardian Alliance and their soviet counterpart.
1976 Ulysses Jefferson replaces George Grant as Major Washington. Crime League of super-criminals forms to combat the Guardian Alliance. Twelve Serpents makes headway in longevity technology, as part of their terrorist bid for world domination. Oscar Wright, after a motorcycle accident, is healed and accepts technological enhancements, becoming Major London, defending England.
1977 Battles against the Watchman robots, emotionless prototype androids intended for law enforcement. Benjamin Ray battles his foe and murderous rival Don Smilo.
1978 Deon Carter and Ying Huang establish the company Vigilantes, Inc., doing freelance superheroics to pay the bills. Assassinations committed by Jane Doe, a femme fatale mistress of disguise.
1979 Major Washington deployed to the Soviet war in Afghanistan. Worldwide energy crisis. Three Mile Island accident. Warren Kaplan struggles with his alcohol addition, which damages his personal relationships and the security of his company; Anthony Jefferson receives powered armor from him and replaces him as Armor-Master. Kathy Katz followers in her mother’s footsteps as the Cat Burglar.
1980 Henry Irons resuscitated as a cyborg after an accident and subsequent experimental surgery. Senator Teller rises to political power on an anti-vigilante platform, until his life is saved by a vigilante. Kaiden Graves, master assassin, fights the Teen Force. Brant Meister fights superheroes, instantly learning their fighting styles and turning it against them, using his innate talent of photographic reflexes.
1982 Samuel Hobbes, manipulative and ruthless corporate mogul, attempts to take over Anthony Jefferson’s company as Armor-Lord.
1983 Webster Brown fully takes over as the new Red Spider; elderly Parson Huntsman recruits Paul Slender to be the new Orbweaver and leads the Night Watch, a team of heroes who don’t meet with typical social norms. The Canadian superhero team Guardian Alliance Canada debuts. First female Japanese super-soldier emerges from her cybernetic enhancements to become the tiger-claw equipped assassin Torako. Lady samurai Takeko Gozen fights evil as Shrike, her weapon a cherished gift from her dead husband.
1984 Brant Meister traps many of America’s vigilantes and criminals into gladiatorial combat so he can copy their abilities. As Guardian Alliance membership swells, a west coast branch is established to spread the man-power to Los Angeles. Degataga Thorrip, the younger brother of slain Waya Thorrip, a native American who demonstrates great athleticism, joins Watch Team 5. Farran Arkwright, a master of technology and engineering, joins Watch Team 5.
1985 The Watchman 2000 robot, an advanced descendant of the Watchman robot, is deployed to hunt and kill rogue vigilantes; World War III breaks out in a massive battle between the warlord known only as the Man in Red and every vigilante on Earth, in which many die.

Superhero age header for TPAMS - 04 Dark Age

1986 Parson Huntsman, gritty and vicious, comes out of retirement to clean up his city and eventually battles Major Washington to fake his death. Major Washington fights a new patriotic super-soldier who is more villainous. George Grant dies saving workers in Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Taylor Murphy opposes vigilantes as part of US government agencies. Jacob Williams deployed as Agent Whitehall.
1987 The sudden and unexpected appearance of a giant alien monster, whose psychic death throes kills many civilians, prompts the U.S. and Russia to cease hostilities; the entire state of New York is destroyed. Ulysses Jefferson, refusing to capitulate to an intrusive American government, forfeits his rank as Major Washington for over a year, fighting his successor upon his return. Guardian Alliance UK, a superhero team in Britain, is formed. Construction begins on the super fighting robot Mark-9.
1988 Drought decimates the U.S., concurrent with heat waves. Paul Slender killed in torture by the Maniac Mack Arneson. The Rebuilders starts rebuilding cities damaged in superhero fights. U.K. anarchist known only as X holds a vendetta against the government and battles Major London.
1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall; most communist governments in Eastern Europe collapse; Soviet war in Afghanistan ends. Ryan Wolf joins Red Spider as the new Orbweaver. Martha Chaco survives being shot by the Mack Arneson, becoming wheelchair-bound and turning to work as an information broker. Guardian Alliance Europe established. Following the success of Henry Irons the British activate a cyborg secret agent code-named Jane Excalibur, who joins the Guardian Alliance UK.
1990 Major Washington deployed as the Gulf War begins in Iraq.
1991 The restructuring of the Soviet Union destabilizes, and the dissolution of the USSR. Kimberly Jackson survives experimentation, and turns into the mercenary assassin Lab Rat. Ryuko begins her career as a karate master in annual world-wide martial arts tournaments.
1992 Red Spider and Orbweaver travel to south Florida following Hurricane Andrew to prevent criminal exploitation and help the logistics of recovery. Red Spider and Orbweaver fight Jezebel Bandit, a woman with a harlequin costume that has replaced Mack Arneson as Maniac. Major Moscow is unleashed as a KGB answer to American’s Major Washington.
1993 Guardian Alliance Europe expands into Guardian Alliance International through the United Nations. Cunning and strong escaped convict Juarez Butcher breaks Webster Brown after subjecting him to battles with his released rogue’s gallery; Paul Slender becomes the new Red Spider, a trained assassin equipped with a robotic spider-limbs harness. After a falling-out with retired Trick-Shot, Garrett Fletcher strikes out on his own as Sagittarius. Five teenagers become government fugitives after receiving super-soldier treatments.
1994 The Rwandan Genocide, a mass killing of hundreds of thousands under the Hutu Power ideology. Ulysses Jefferson discovers that he was cloned when confronted by a man trying to take his identity. Beauregard Easton becomes the new Trick-Shot archer of the Guardian Alliance. As the new Agent Whitehall Jane Excalibur battles resurgent Russians for U.K. security. Martial artist Ying Huang defeats Brant Meister, whose fighting tournament was a trap to lure strong warriors to him so he could defeat them and keep their preserved bodies as trophies.
1995 Red Spider fails to prevent the Oklahoma City bombing.
1996 Mitigation Team discontinued as they, including a police officer whose actions led to the deaths of civilians, are put in cryostasis for their crimes. Leroy Steele survives assassination attempt due to his cyborg bodyguard Souple. American banks holding financial records bombed, causing dept accounting crisis, as part of a conspiracy started by a split-personality street brawler. In a new tournament martial artists battle for three treasures coveted by the criminal Twelve Serpents’ leading clan.
1997 U.S. and Soviet leaders sign the SALT II. Drone-Commander, armed with the talent to quickly learn anything and with advanced and versatile multi-drones, fights crime.
1998 Major Washington attempts to solve world hunger. Japan creates a state-sponsored superhero team, led by Major Tokyo.
1999 Ryan Wolf quits from being a vigilante, leaving Red Spider. Columbine High School massacre, the deadliest high school shooting in US history. After many catastrophes and believing it beyond saving, the U.S. government cuts Sparta loose, leaving the people trapped in a city without electricity full of criminals, leading to Douglas Grey’s institutionalization; elderly Parson Huntsman, beaten and exhausted, teaches Kyle Foster to become the new Red Spider of a changed world. Carolina McKinley demonstrates that she is a worthy successor to Major Washington while working alongside him. Genetically engineered martial artist Battle Clone fights the Twelve Serpents, which was creating an army of super soldiers through recruitment in the latest martial arts tournament.

Superhero age header for TPAMS - 05 Modern Age

2000 Acquitted criminal Felix Goldsmith briefly takes office as president before his impeachment two years later. Human-like androids become common; an abandoned prototype capable of feeling emotions reactivates and explores her humanity. Ten super-soldiers are placed in cryogenic suspended animation, should the U.S. need them.
2001 Americans spend more time using mobile apps than using the World Wide Web. September 11 attacks in New York City; Washington, D.C.; and Shanksville, Pennsylvania (nearly 3,000 killed); increasing Islamophobia and Islamophobic incidents; War on Terror begins. Anthrax attacks in the U.S.
2002 Douglas Grey demonstrates that he is quite mentally unhinged, acting darker and grittier than his predecessors; he becomes accused of murdering his girlfriend for discovering his secret identity, escapes prison, and confronts Kyle Foster to solve the mystery. A poor kid working with trashed machine parts reactivates and damaged Watchman robot, which he reprograms for himself.
2003 Red Spider Kyle Foster opposes mysterious serial killer Silencer, while questioning his romantic and personal relationships; Jordan Ellis as Spiderling uses the Spiders’ Web to coordinate a smart mob that solves problems faster than government groups can react. U.S. and allies begin the Iraq War; worldwide anti-war protests in opposition includes Carolina McKinley, who replaces Ulysses Jefferson and endures her deployment to war. Benjamin Ray adopts his female clone, Agent-24, who was trained and armed similar to himself. Suleyman Camba succeeds Maghan Keitan as leader of Swazibia. Ying Huang enters martial arts tournament to prevent the Twelve Serpents from acquiring the Dragon’s Regalia.
2004 Kyle Foster’s machinations to unite and control Sparta’s crime gangs inadvertently involves his now-retired sidekick and his girlfriend, and results in an unstable power vacuum in the criminal underworld. The Guardian Alliance learns their memories were erased following a mission to prompt a coup in European Belarania, who was financially backing low-level tech villains to cause mayhem in the United States.
2005 Hurricane Katrina flooding in Mississippi and New Orleans, the costliest natural disaster in the U.S; Jordan Ellis recruits and dispatches agents there to mitigate the destruction. Two female archers compete for the mantle of Trick-Shot. Charlie Johnson replaces Noah Wilson as Agent Whitehall.
2006 Mexican Drug War begins; Major Washington fights Naja, mistress of throwing-knives. Anthony Jefferson prevents his niece from accepting powers from Felix Goldsmith to become Skuld, a cyborg Valkyrie. Jordan Ellis, on the rebound, allies with Kyle Foster to investigate a rising religion of crime. Warren Kaplan is abducted and resists building WMDs for criminal organization(s). Jordan Ellis emerges as Black Widow. Russell Weaver, son of Cat Burglar and Red Spider, becomes the next Orbweaver. Middle Eastern and Chinese vigilantes and super-soldiers oppose western methods, often using violence.
2007 Major Washington and government heroes fight Kyle Foster and civilian vigilantes over the issue of crime-fighter registration, sparking a superhero Civil War; eventually registration wins out and becomes mandatory. Major Ottawa tracks Night Claw, armed with a blade gauntlet and invisibility technology, across Canada.
2008 Carolina McKinley is assassinated during her trial for crimes during the superhero Civil War, as part of Gottfried Speer’s plot to destroy America. Hacktivist group Anyone beings wearing X masks, in emulation of the anarchist X, geared towards promoting privacy in response to government mass surveillance.
2009 First African American U.S. president. Ulysses Jefferson, semi-retired American super-soldier, leads secret teams to counter the Twelve Serpents agents that have infiltrated the Guardian Alliance. Maghan Keitan’s younger sister Kassa Daita secures the throne as leader of Swazibia. Mark-9, finally completed after years of development, is deployed to battle the mad engineer Felix Goldsmith and his robot generals.
2010 Arab Spring. Beginning of the rise of right-wing populist political groups in Western European countries. Stuxnet malicious computer worm targets industrial computer systems as an American-Israeli cyberweapon. Carolina McKinley replaced after her assassination with James Taft as the new Major Washington, and now head of the Guardian Alliance, who creates new teams, including the Secret Guardian Alliance, to perform covert ops missions.

Superhero age header for TPAMS - 06 Post-Modern Age

2011 Major Washington returns from final deployment in the Iraq War: no WMDs found, but Saddam Hussein’s rule ends. Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City. Gadisa Opeyemi is recruited into the Spiders’ Web as a leading Red Spider in Africa; he deals with a massive cyber-larceny case that strikes the electronic mobile currencies of several African nations, whose e-banking security fails.
2012 Red Spider discovers a faction of the Twelve Serpents, who has secretly been manipulating Sparta since the turn of the century, that now moves in a bid to take over the city entirely. Armor-Master is right to not trust Yin Liu’s plan to solve global warming on his supposed death-bed, for he intends to force a controlled die-off of the human race.
2013 Ebola virus kills more than 11,300 people in West Africa; Gadisa Opeyemi mobilizes resources to help with relief efforts. The supervillain robot Master Machine leads a robot war against humanity; its creator Charles North is recruited to stop it. Kyle Foster battles the Jezebel Bandit, who is more sadistic and violent than ever, and who claims to know Red Spider’s secret identity.
2014 Flint, Michigan’s water source becomes contaminated by lead, and the alleged cover-up leds to nationwide outrage; Red Spider and Armor-Master mobilize to provide solutions. Madison Wilson, equipped with a flight-harness, replaces James Taft and is deployed in the military intervention against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Kyle Foster faces a newly empowered Jezebel Bandit, while also fighting old allies, each of the two holding nothing back against each other. Benjamin Ray dies trying to prevent the super-soldier program from being restarted by the villain Yin Liu.
2015 All-female superheroine team deploys to war. Mark-1 prevents Keystroke, the wheel-chair bound black-hat hacker, from selling the secret identities of vigilantes she acquired to sell to criminal organizations.
2016 An independent Guardian Alliance of China is formed, led by their own new Major Beijing and a Red Spider. Paula Martinez, a young lady engineer, becomes the latest Armor-Master. Burdon Sanderson begins conspiring against Kyle Foster, using the enhanced resurrected clones of various people as part of his plan. Red Spider and the psychopathic mercenary Lab Rat team-up into a vigilante odd-couple, with Lab Rat hired to assassinate Kyle Foster. Several characters join Guardian Alliance: a mini-gun wielding Russian super-soldier, a combat robot, a ninja, and a mother-daughter duo; they fight the Crime League’s newly recruited treacherous sniper and computer hacker.
2017 The Guardian Alliance fights to free Major Washington from mind control by Twelve Serpents after he takes over the Guardian Alliance. The Guardian Alliance recruits a police robot, and battles the new leader of the Crime League in the physical powerhouse Gauntlet.
2018 AI and robots fill in labor force, causing unemployment and labor riots; various robot heroes, such as Mark-1 and Mark-9 try to alleviate tensions. Aerial drones ubiquitous.
2019 Kyle Foster retires from being Red Spider; Russell Weaver graduates to become the new Red Spider in his place, recruiting Peter Cellar to become the new Orbweaver. A bounty hunter tracks down and kills illegal rogue androids. Merle Bird, once a covert government super soldier who escaped as a child, tries to lead a normal life in Seattle while evading her pursuers. Japanese high school students in the robotics club join forces with martial arts clubs to program and build a fighting robot.
2020 Mark-1 and Mark-9 break up a martial arts robot league, which was a front for organized crime. U.S. fighter aircraft piloted by an AI goes rogue; Spiders’ Web cyber-warfare and Wingman flight-harnesses instrumental in its destruction.
2021 First Cyber War between U.S. and socialist countries (among others) damages U.S. infrastructure and Internet, destabilizing the global economy; Mark-1 and Mark-9 instrumental in minimizing damage, but become infected and shut down in the process.
2022 The Central American Desert, known informally as the Dust-Lands, begins to form over a 40 years of megadrought. Red Spider and Orbweaver investigates and shuts down a company selling people as a food source.
2023 To protect civilian airspace and bolster anti-drone law enforcement, a laser defense system is installed in Washington, D.C.; shortly thereafter it becomes hijacked by Master Machine. Genetically engineered super-soldier cadet Andrew Harding trains hard to be selected to be a candidate to succeed Major Washington.
2024 A master hacker reveals a Big Pharma conspiracy that has ties with the Japanese government, prompting a team-up between Guardian Alliance Japan and Red Spider and Orbweaver. After a battle with Master Machine, Jessica Bradley is regenerated with a special machine that enhances her machine-manipulation powers.
2025 Lacking insular American protection, Japan and South Korea become increasingly more subservient to China; Captain Beijing defeats Captain Tokyo, but most of the other members of the Guardian Alliance of China are killed in action.
2026 Nanorobots ubiquitous, and utilized by Armor-Master Paula Martinez in the war against terrorists plotting to unleash a nuclear attack on Washington D.C. School children become involved in a mystery related to semi-alive computer code in the in-between states of augmented reality cyberspace, visible through AR glasses.
2027 A second Internet, the Disruption Tolerant Internet (DTI), surpasses and replaces the insecure one rendered mostly inoperable by the first Cyber War.
2028 Jessica Bradley transfers her consciousness into a young human body with a cyberbrain, while Yin Liu steals a copy to put in a subserviant robot of his own design. AR interfaces ubiquitous.
2029 Armor-Master’s powered armor utilizes a newly-available miniaturized power source, and combines it with a flight harness to create a flying, armored, nano-robot-commanding super-suit; using the new suit she battles both Master Machine and the transhuman Yin Liu at the same time. Data storage technology switches to a laser-written quartz glass format.
2030 Red Spider exposes the Secret Spy, keeper of the world’s greatest secret knowledge. Japanese cyborg SAT officer Sougu investigates an ascendant rogue AI. Floating solar-powered farms in inundated Indonesia.
2031 Major Washington and the state super soldiers of eleven other countries team up to battle the international threat of the Twelve Serpents.
2032 A police officer from 1996 is thawed from cryostasis to track down a crime lord that was also preserved and released from his time. Megacorps largely control the world. Mark-1 investigates people whose minds were uploaded to virtual reality and then went missing.
2033 Major Washington deployed as a soldier to conflicts in Asia.
2034 Energy weapons developed by Yin Liu replace conventional firearms and augment punch-guns; although Armor-Lord and Red Spider team up to prevent their distribution, their emergence onto the black market accelerates their availability worldwide.
2035 Cold fusion and post-scarcity nano-fabrication developed by Edward Prochoros. Mark-9, with incorruptible human-centered values, defeats an emergent central-control AI that turns the android populous into an army to subdue humanity.
2037 Armor-Master’s flying powered armor ubiquitous, used by military, police, and criminals, granting users protection, strength, flight, enhanced AR perception, and control of nearby nano-machine fog. Paula Martinez passes the torch of Armor-Master to Edward Prochoros after working together to create a greater armor to combat criminals of escalating power.

Superhero age header for TPAMS - 07 Iron Age

2038 Outbreak of deadly disease begins wiping out humanity. Red Spider assassinated uncovering U.S. government conspiracy documents regarding Project Major Washington. In the centennial celebration of superheroes, U.S. east coast hit with EMP attack, wiping out all electronics. Anti-government labor protest in the U.K. Battle of Kosovo.
2039 The Great Famine (actually multiple separate famines) kills tens of millions of people worldwide. World-wide strife, resource wars, and border skirmishes erupt in violence as people migrate seeking food and water. Peter Cellar becomes the new Red Spider of a technologically-advanced world. Holographic volumetric displays cause even the non-AR world to be filled with illusions.
2040 The grizzled but decorated Andrew Harding becomes the latest Major Washington, leading nine supersoldiers awoken from cryogenic suspended animation into a changed world as the Nine Shields; one did not survive. Following a major supervillain battle in Beijing, the PRC moves the capital to the fortified half-underground city of Xindijing. Power-armor wearing women warriors fight rogue android laborers.
2041 The Year of Migration, the apex of a decade of refugee movements away from various wars. Foundation of Paula Martinez University, a school for superheroes. Use of an octahedron in a special machine allows travel to a similar reality, revealing a collapsing multiverse.
2042 Xindijing’s underground government bunker sub-city completed in the PRC. Jonette Arthur leads siege of supervillain stronghold, leading to the capture of Alexander Xavier, who had remained at-large for nearly 10 years. True antigravity technology replaces flight-harnesses and VTOL craft. Aya Kumar begins her career as a teenage superhero, using her tech-savvy to bolster the output and support the members of her allies on the Teen Force.
2043 World fully in the effects of AGW: seas have risen 1 meter, weather more extreme, and coastal cities regularly flooded. Human rights protection declines worldwide. Teenage superheroine Jonette Arthur killed by flame-thrower-wielding villain.
2044 Major Beijing killed by north Asian supervillains. Reyes Machado, a native Mexican superhero, adventures throughout Central and South America. European investors begin trading in robot and android laborers manufactured in Swazibia. The New Khanate, an established team of five vigilantes, go their separate ways in northern Asia.
2045 Anti-hero team armed with super-cannons instrumental in ending 10-year war. Alexander Xavier and Lord Iron driven out of Istanbul by the Young Turks, an Arabic superhero defense force. Start of a competition and feud between two candidates for the position of Major London, which lasts three years.
2046 Rise in prefecture-specific Japanese super-humans creates competition and leads to a civil war that lasts for years. Champion Lion leads the annexation of nearby territory to expand Swazibia.
2047 U.S. President Victoria Irons controversially forces industrial sacrifices for long-term ecological and economic benefit; Major Washington appointed as her personal body-guard. A new Field Captain, armed with powered armor, a hover-board, and a sword-like hockey stick, runs a gang of criminals involved in sports-related crimes.
2048 Inquisition begins across Europe to crack down on supervillains. Title of Major London goes to a third candidate after three years of competition. Exponential technological advancement causes spikes in crime, as legislation is too slow a process to regulate human behavior; law enforcement officers pair with androids. Sudden appearance of inactive but indestructible UFOs (waiting Architect sentinels) in twelve locations around the world: in Bucharest, Xilin Gol, Nova Scotia, and in nine locations offshore and over the ocean around the Earth. Aya Kumar joins the Guardian Alliance as an adult superheroine; her technological support instrumental in the augmenting of other team members in the following years’ varied crisis situations.
2049 Thinking-caps, a combination of tDCS and BCI technology, are produced for public consumption, working with mobile wearable computer devices. Succession crisis in Swazibia of who will lead as Champion Lion. Force field barriers a ubiquitous technology.
2050 Continuous continental plague, drought and famine. Super-guns, miniaturized versions of super-cannons, used in battle for the first time in a battle with Red Spider that kills the current Maniac.
2051 Victoria Irons is assassinated by assailants using advanced invisibility technology; Red Spider and Major Washington team up and kill the murderer. Meteor shower decimates cities on Earth.
2052 Xindijing’s fortifications withstand supervillain attack, and the civilian quarters suffer only minimal destruction. Death of Reyes Machado, prominent Mexican superhero, at the hands of Alexander Xavier. European AI supercomputer destroyed in hijack attempt by Lord Iron.
2053 Brainwave-reading technologies to reconstruct a person’s thoughts are used in court for the first time; Red Spider opposes the use of the technology in crime-fighting. Supervillains destroy much of Europe. Two Mexican superhero brothers battle to the death to claim the legacy of Reyes Machado, causing devastation across Mexico. Aya Kumar fights the Architects as part of a Guardian Alliance team, preventing their acquisition of an octahedron.
2054 A major Spike, or denial of service (DOS) attack against users of thinking-caps, hacks the minds of large numbers of civilians through the Disruption Tolerant Internet, violating cyber warfare laws and crippling confidence in cyber- and cognitive-security. China heavily restricts entry presence of non-Chinese superhumans within its borders. Japanese superheroes make use of super-guns in their prefectural civil war. Supervillain Lord Vasilyevich rises to power in Russia.
2055 Washington D.C. hit with a nuclear strike in culmination of Twelve Serpents’ infiltration plot; America left leaderless and crippled. Xindijing besieged again by north Asian supervillains; extreme earthquake in China. Supervillains and the civil war destroys much of Japan.
2056 Supervillains destroy much of Africa, including Swazibia. Jurou Kiyomizu becomes one of the leading superheroes to survive the destruction of Japan. Nanorobot swarms sweep across the battlefield as a disintegration weapon, blocked only by force fields. Tao Chan studies how to use a mysterious diamond, an octahedron, that radiates a strange energy as a technological power source.
2057 Lord Vasilyevich, supervillain tsar of Russia, orders the massacre of civilians protesting his rule. Jurou Kiyomizu finally captures Daikyo fortress, creating a haven for Japanese refugees. Wild AI swarms AR landscape, shutting down already-crippled infrastructure. Aya Kumar prevents the escalation of a conflict in the United States through the disruption of her dependent foe’s technology.
2058 Jurou Kiyomizu is assassinated by his team ally, Kaito Nara. Psychotic criminals overrun Sparta in Red Spider’s absence. An AI ascends into a post-singularity intelligence, and then leaves Earth and humanity behind after defeating Armor-Master.
2059 Supervillains destroy much of China; Xindijing, one of the last strongholds, becomes flooded with refugees seeking asylum. Beginning of troublesome period of anarchy in Russia as Red Spider funds opponents of Lord Vasilyevich. After a final siege Japanese prefectures unified under Kaito Nara. Jenny Everywhere starts her investigation into how to defeat the Architects.
2060 Supervillains destroy much of India. Kaito Nara takes the title of Japan’s ruling superhuman, establishing a new shogunate; Japanese prefectural superhero civil war ends in final battle. Famine kills over one-third of Russians. Iranian supervillains modernize with high-tech weaponry; peace made between Turkish and European superhumans. Tao Chan, Jenny Everywhere, and Aya Kumar team up to track down octahedrons.
2061 End of the Japanese prefectural superhero civil war. Jakarta besieged by multiple supervillains seeking to rule it, and ultimately the city is ruined. Presidents of ten leading nations assassinated. Russia emerges from anarchy with the establishment of a ruling transhuman “royal” house of Vasa. Death of retired neo-shogun Kaito Nara; unchallenged successor takes his place as Major Tokyo.
2062 Supervillains destroy much of the Middle East, and southeast Asia. Murder of the Young Turks; Aya Kumar the only survivor of the superhero team, which was dispatched to fight the Architects. Arrival of the leading Commander Architect into this universe, battling Tao Chan and then waves of other hopeless superhumans.
2063 Commander Architect destroys the Earth in its battle with Tao Chan, Aya Kumar, the Guardian Alliance, and Watch Team 5.

After the end

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