Local Group-757.4.SC-10: A Universe Home to Alien Superheroes and Cosmic Beings

setting idea inspiration images - TPAMS - Local Group-757.4.SC-10

This was a modern world of superheroes and supervillains.  For those people their superpowers came from alien physiology or “cosmic” forces (incomprehensibly advanced science and technology) from outer space.  The multiverse scholars who studied this world note that it was occupied by large numbers of alien civilizations and filled with starships, and system-scale post-singularity A.I.  While superhuman activity was universe-wide and involved hundreds of trillions of note-worthy individuals, much of the most important events centered on Earth’s solar system and the wider Milky Way Galaxy.  Its timeline is detailed below.

setting idea inspiration images - TPAMS - Local Group-757.4.SC-10, 2

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Historical Timeline of Events

Superhero age header for TPAMS - 01 Golden Age

1938 Kalu Rakan, strong, tough and fast humanoid alien disguised as the human Allen Starr, begins his adventures in the U.S. as Star-Man.
1939 Star-Man strong-arms crooked union leaders, gangsters, and cheating bankers throughout the year, generally being a thorn in the side of the establishment. Herk Rove acquires alien armor from outer space, and uses it to fight crime as the armored Kaskada-Bel.
1940 The Alaska Crash: A massive prison-starship crash-lands in Alaska; the monsters and space criminals escape, who Star-Man confronts (and occasionally gains as allies) over time, while (before dying) the Space Enforcer piloting the transport deputized a nearby Irving Forrest into accepting his powerful Klark Halo. Russian spies and also American salvage crew later acquire antigravitite, an extraterrestrial material with gravity-manipulating properties, and other technologies from the crash site.
1941 Kalu Rakan, as an alien mercenary alongside Irving Forrest and two allied Alaska Crash aliens, fight for the Allied powers as the Guardian Alliance, primarily to battle Gottfried Speer, the Nazi’s top scientist that reverse-engineers alien technology.
1943 Kalu Rakan recovers a piece of his people’s, the heavy-worlder humanoid rhenian’s, technology: a small and non-functional spacecraft.
1944 Allied Normandy landings in Northern France, with Star-Man leading the charge.
1945 WWII ends. The Authority and its Code established: rather than submit to direct government oversight, space aliens use a self-monitoring review system, under the moral direction of the war hero Star-Man.
1946 Sepu Pir, found in a crashed escape pod, joins Kalu Rakan as a young survivor of the rhenian race; though he suffers from amnesia, he has the same physiology as Kalu Rakan, and is adopted as a son.
1947 The Cold War between the USA and the west vs. the USSR and the east, each side reverse-engineering alien technologies (mostly from the Alaska Crash). Sputnik 1 satellite launched by the Soviets, launching the space race. Roswell Crash: U.S. recover bodies of gray aliens and some of their technology.
1948 NASA organized; they continue helping Kalu Rakan repair his spacecraft, which can now fly in the atmosphere for short distances, thus giving Star-Man a vehicle and a means of flight.
1950 Number of superheroes greatly reduced under Authority restrictions, and no new ones are joining; Star-Man and Space Enforcer are the only regularly active members. The iconic Heroes’ Tower building is destroyed in a battle between Star-Man and an alien monster.
1951 USSR sends the first human into outer space; U.S. follows up with piloted space flight.
1953 USSR sends first woman into space. Kalu Rakan’s two-person spacecraft now capable of interplanetary flight, but will not respond to human operators; only a rhenian like Kalu Rakan can pilot it.
1954 Sepu Pir killed in experimental rocket explosion in space; Kalu Rakan spends months mourning, leaving America vulnerable to soviet actions.
1955 Markus Valent, a reptilian sleeper agent on Earth, learns he is an alien, and uses his shape-shifting powers to blend in among humans and help them rather than act towards their conquest.

Superhero age header for TPAMS - 02 Silver Age

1956 U.S. remotely maps some of the Moon. Star-Man, Space Enforcer, and Markus Valent help stranded aliens from the Alaska Crash live peacefully in America.
1957 Discovery of the first known pulsar.
1958 Kalu Rakan learns of his heritage from and later battles Master Machine, the powerful AI destroyer of Rhenia. He finds that a city’s worth of rhenians are likely in stasis and in orbit around Earth, but he is unable to wake them.
1959 Humans walk on the Moon; the milestone allows the Space Enforcer Corps to induct a second Enforcer (Laurel Towers) for Earth and grant them powerful technology as space police officers. Nisie Ris’ escape pod, like Kalu Rakan’s before her, lands on Earth, and she is adopted by Kalu Rakan as another rhenian survivor.
1960 Earth’s human population reaches three billion: Space Enforcer Corps assigns humanity a minimum of three active Space Enforcers. Asag, an alien conqueror capable of taking over the nervous system of organic beings, battles Star-Man, Earth’s Space Enforcers, and other heroes to form the Guardian Alliance.
1961 Pirau Zanduum, a rhenian criminal, is released from his prison pod by soviet scientists and battles Kalu Rakan and Nisie Ris. Salfer Karoris battles Earth’s Space Enforcers, having been expelled from the space police for using brutal fear tactics to reduce crime. The Quartermain family, including astronaut test pilots and astrophysicists, join the Guardian Alliance.
1962 Reptilians, disguised shape-shifting aliens, are found to have infiltrated the U.S. and USSR; Markus Valent instrumental in their expulsion. Jin Liu, Chinese soviet mad scientist, seeks to exploit alien technology in his schemes to rule Earth; the mid-sized city of Xindijing is destroyed in the battle between him and Star-Man.
1963 Super-humans representing each side of the Cold War combat each other. Warren Kaplan reverse-engineers a suit of alien armor and uses it to dismantle the weapons trade of a warlord; later that year he fights a Russian soldier armed with a similar suit, and a soviet astronaut attempting to reach the Moon. Richard Johnson, WWII veteran, becomes head of Guardian Alliance; its members are headquartered in Guardian Alliance Control Center in Houston. The whole Guardian Alliance mobilizes to battle a super-soldier reptilian armed with cosmic-energy empowered armor that grants it various superpowers.
1964 Star-Man begins building a haven for alien beings in space on Rakan’s Comet, away from Earth; inhabitants earn wealth through mining mineral resources, and recovered rhenians remain stored in stasis.
1965 A return visit to the Moon finds it inhabited by Lunarians found living on its dark side, imbued with cosmic powers by octahedron lights; Star-Man thwarts a coup attempt but is injured, and in thanks the Lunarians use the octahedron lights to grant Star-Man cosmic powers in the form of a special silvery suit (increasing his strength and toughness and giving him mastery of radiation and gravity). Contact with the first cosmic entity, the Void, who is indifferent to mortal life. Guardian Alliance orbital spacecraft carrier deployed to secure superiority in outer space. Advances in using anti-gravity for a personal flight harness.
1966 The Devourer, a sentient black hole whose coming is forewarned by its Stellar Herald, threatens Earth, but is repelled by Earth’s Space Enforcers. Boll Stag inherits the kaskada armor of Herk Rove to become the new Kaskada-Bel. American supervillains acquire and battle for the octahedron, a source of cosmic power. Guardian Alliance deploys custom VTOL spacecraft.
1967 The cosmic energy-empowered xolser alien hero Space Marshal comes to Earth, and becomes allies with the Guardian Alliance.
1968 Dai-Mun battles the Quartermain family, ruling two solar systems out from Earth and attempting to invade closer. Nikola Engelhardt becomes a Space Enforcer.
1969 Kessler syndrome: Earth orbit filled with high-speed junk from multiple space launches, which Star-Man and the Space Enforcers are forced to clean up.
1970 The alien warlord Jej Selik, one of several elder alien AI Architects from the Fifth System, sets his sights on Earth, brainwashing a captured Kalu Rakan into fighting as his champion before Rakan breaks free.

Superhero age header for TPAMS - 03 Bronze Age

1971 Star-Man becomes involved in the Aninin-Reptilian War, and sees Architects using the Klark Haloes, pseudo-living supercomputers capable of cosmic powers; primarily its wormholes are used for interplanetary teleportation. Joshua Cook becomes a Space Enforcer.
1972 Laurel Towers, seeing human social evils alongside Nisie Ris becomes world-weary and looses confidence in his law-enforcement mission. The full set of the solar system’s octahedrons, a collection of million-year old devices of vast cosmic power, are seen for the first time in the modern age.
1973 Humans begin to live among the Lunarians on the Moon, and negotiate sharing a lunar colony for extraction of Helium-3.
1974 Humanity’s population reaches four billion: Space Enforcer Corps assigns humanity a minimum of four active Space Enforcers. Benjamin Ray emerges as a xolser commando, equipped with ultra-metal arm blades.
1975 The town of Fairview and the 12-mile-wide area of mountain forest around it is completely destroyed in a battle between the cosmically-empowered Star-Man, Space Enforcers, and Master Machine, which had escaped confinement. Reverse engineering of Star-Man’s silver suit creates a personal environmental machine (PEM), a helmet or belt that creates a clingy atmosphere that effectively replaces bulky space suits.
1976 NASA Space Shuttle Challenger accident. Nikola Engelhardt is inducted into the galactic peace-keeping corps. The beautiful Pepa Mer, another rhenian survivor, awakens from stasis and joins Kalu Rakan’s family. Star-Man encounters competing Architects (post-singularity AI) that have been involved with many planets’ development, including the rhenians and reptilians.
1977 Benjamin Ray battles his xolser foe and murderous rival Don Smilo. Laurel Towers fights the Watchman robots, emotionless prototype robots that were once galactic law enforcement. Air Force pilot Paula Martinez, after collaborating with the original alien hero, becomes Space Marshal herself by inheriting the cosmic-power weaponry. Bahram Utu joins the Guardian Alliance, learns how to wield a laser sword and experimental cosmic power, and damages Jej Selik’s World-Wrecker RKV space station, which threatened Earth.
1978 First human, and first half-Lunarian child, born on the Moon.
1980 Senator Teller rises to political power on an anti-alien platform, until his life is saved by an alien infected with the S.P.-virus. Paula Martinez becomes a threat to life on Earth as the cosmic entity Thanatos, resulting in her death after loosing her humanity. Nesia Ramh, an ichor (a kind of humanoid alien) fleeing her home planet and culture, arrives on Earth to become a leading space pilot. The alien warlord Jej Selik kidnaps Kalu Rakan’s friends to help him restore the massive space-based military structure the World-Wrecker RKV for his own ends; Bahram Utu, with incomplete training, learns Jej Selik created him, is injured in the battle and is forced to flee.
1981 U.S. Air Force engineer develops a humanizer band, a shackle reverse-engineered from reptilian shape-shifting technology that imposes baseline human limitations on its victim, eliminating their innate alien powers.
1982 Alice Fields inherits the title of Space Marshal.
1983 Star-Man battles Sal Fer Karo, a gruff alien bounty hunter and mercenary. Martin, a tiny alien dragon-like creature, joins Watch Team 5. Bahram Utu convinces Jej Selik to let the captured Star-Man go, tricking him and wrecking the World-Wrecker RKV.
1984 An alien Architect abducts many of Earth’s superheroes and supervillains into gladiatorial combat so it can study Earth’s people. Guardian Alliance establishes satellite base to spread out its growing membership. Nisie Ris acquires a powerful alien living costume; eventually its influence proves parasitic and is discarded. Two factions of alien robots bring their war to Earth, disguised among humanity as transforming vehicles.
1985 Judas Abrahamson, secretly an underling of Jej Selik, spreads distrust in superheroes as a demagogue, disbanding the Guardian Alliance and paving the way for an attempted alien invasion of Washington, D.C. Kalu Rakan is hypnotized by Asag through hallucinations of his home-world, while his friends battle Jej Selik to free him of control. Cosmic interplanetary war breaks out in a massive battle between the Man in Red, a universe-scale AI and every civilization in existence, in which many superheroes die.

Superhero age header for TPAMS - 04 Dark Age

1986 Taylor Murphy opposes superheroes (and space aliens in general) as part of US government agencies. To help the Guardian Alliance battle aliens that have come to strip the Earth of resources, soviet volunteers accept a shard of an octahedron that will give them cosmic powers and only one year to live.
1987 NASA manned mission to Mars; Marsha Valent, daughter of Markus Valent accompanies and protects a team of five astronauts. Earth’s human population reaches five billion: Space Enforcer Corps assigns humanity a minimum of five active Space Enforcers. The entire west Asian state of Bogdstan (between Mongolia and Kazakhstan) is destroyed in a battle between Star-Man and Jin Liu. New Roswell ravaged by sudden appearance and death of a giant alien monster, with millions killed from exposure to alien disease, and hostilities between U.S. and Russia cease.
1988 Construction on the International Space Station begins. Saveliy Yakovlev becomes Lympha by bonding with Nisie Ris’s discarded living costume of alien origin. The Rebuilders starts rebuilding cities damaged in alien invasions and superhero fights. Awakened rhenian Masea Sep adventures in space with Kalu Rakan.
1989 Installation of Strategic Defense Initiative, an orbital satellite laser defense system, as a first line of defense against alien invasion.
1990 International Space Station has remained continuously inhabited since this year; other human orbital habitats and colonies built around Earth and a Mars colony is also established. Astronaut survives a freak space accident, merges with rhenian robotics, and becomes the grief-enraged Rhenian Informorph, battling to kill both Star-Man and himself.
1991 Heroes battle Jej Selik in his quest to use octahedrons to wipe out life in the galaxy, suffering the grief of loss of many friends and allies along the way. Valentina Woo and her adopted alien sisters travel the world in search of alien archaeological finds.
1992 Launch Corp’s first private commercial spacecraft achievements. The Guardian Alliance are caught in a war between three alien races, which threatens Earth’s Sun. Lympha creates Steroi, who goes on a killing spree that is only stopped by both Nisie Ris and Lympha working together.
1993 Kalu Rakan dies at the hands of the monster Extinction Beast; Americans, soviets, and the world mourn the passing of Star-Man. Kou Nar, a teenage hybrid clone of Kalu Rakan and Leroy Steele, is found in a hidden laboratory, and released to the Guardian Alliance to be looked after by Nisie Ris. Terraforming of Mars begins, using cosmic-powered machine.
1994 Wracked with grief from the destruction of his home town while he was off-world and furious from the reprimand he received from his superiors in using his powers to try to set things right, Laurel Towers turns supervillain and destroys the Space Enforcer Corps, with newly-recruited Jacob Pines its only surviving member.
1995 Kou Nar inherits Star-Man’s silvery armor, and receives the same cosmic-scale power increase, becoming the new Star-Man.
1996 Samee Ren adventures with Star-Man Kou Nar. Five children, half-reptilian and half-human, awaken the power to shape-change; shortly thereafter reptilian starships attack major cities, whose devastation is curbed by the Guardian Alliance and the children. Construction of New Roswell begins.
1997 Several reptilians related to Marsha Valent attack Earth and the Guardian Alliance as an infiltration strike-team in a bid to take over the world. The USAF learns how to use a stolen Klark Halo to teleport between planets, and immediately becomes involved in the galactic affairs of the Architects. The secret Earth defense force, the U-Men, keep alien technology out of the hands of the general populous.
1998 After five years of using cosmic powers to terraform the planet, Mars is now habitable for humans.
1999 Humanity’s population reaches six billion: Space Enforcer Corps assigns humanity a minimum of six active Space Enforcers. Kou Nar finds young Orion Utu, the son of Bahram Utu and born with nascent but innate cosmic powers, during an interplanetary war, and trains him to battle his father’s creator Jej Selik; interior of the continent of Australia, and large parts of Antarctica, are destroyed in battle between Star-Man Kou Nar and a new reptilian super-soldier.

Superhero age header for TPAMS - 05 Modern Age

2000 Humanity begins exploring the outer solar system with fleets of starships with solar sails and anti-matter rockets to achieve slower than light travel; FTLS drives not yet reverse-engineered. Mankind makes contact with meme-virus crystals from outer space, which threatens to collapse their civilization.
2001 Downfall, with the cosmic powers of gravity and space manipulation, joins Watch Team 5.
2002 The unexpected emergence of extraterrestrial gelp, who have come to Earth for mysterious reasons and are armed with laser visors and other kinds of advanced technology. Orion Utu’s training in using cosmic powers reaches new heights as the Architects move into outright war between loyalists and separatists, with armies of droids fighting cloned super-soldiers.
2003 Karee Sera emerges as the alleged daughter of Kalu Rakan and a rhenian woman. Benjamin Ray adopts and protects Agent-24, a rare urbanite xolser female who has arm-blades that would normally be killed under his species’ laws; the two go on the run. Star-Man battles Vataxa, a gelp super-soldier armed with the alien adaptive helm that protects them from each threat they’ve faced. Space war-games exercise with two teams in the middle of a box canyon on an alien planet goes off the rails with the involvement of mercenaries field-testing experimental AI-powered weapons.
2004 Colonization of Jupiter and Saturn begins with anti-gravity floating cities; contact with the aquatic alien natives of Europa and Titan. Star-Man fights an alien were-creature that is a gelp infiltrator wearing the shape-shifting xeno symbiote.
2005 The Architects War. People are unwittingly injected with an alien virus, as part of a plot by Master Machine, turning them into Watchmen androids, which begin hunting down the superhumans and aliens that protect Earth. Orion Utu sides with Jej Selik, betraying Kou Nar and helping to extend the Architect’s space empire. The living costume bonds with Valentin Bogomolov. Ten year old Dalan Deci awakens shape-shifting powers from his half-reptilian parentage, which he uses to battle an alien conqueror.
2006 Miguel de Jimenez becomes fused with the alien reptilian armor device, becoming the new Kaskada-Bel. Three superhuman astronauts find themselves stranded in space, spending a year trying to return to Earth. Dai-Mun’ space armada scours the universe gathering resources in an effort to turn the Devourer into a universe-killing device, and is defeated fighting nearly every faction in space. Considered too dangerous for Earth, leaders exile the alien Berserker off-world; he goes off-course to the wrong planet and is forced to fight as a gladiator. Space Enforcer defeats Onmohjok, a gelp attempting to install their cosmic-powered Chaos World Sphere, which would terraform the Earth.
2007 Nova-Man, a clone of Kalu Rakan spliced with a shard of an octahedron, battles Jej Selik. Lefet Karoris amasses a corps of his own to oppose the Space Enforcers, warring with them for control of space and spreading terror from his city-sized AI space station Sitderan; other factions form in the following years. Berserker returns from exile in space, laying waste to disorganized heroes who he pits into gladiator matches out of revenge for the death of his son. Star-Man defeats Onmohjok, who attacks Earth’s space ports with the gravity-warping cosmic artifact the Knotted Rope of Nim.
2008 Shapeshifting reptilians, having infiltrated the superhero community to take over the Earth, lead to a crisis of trust during the war to expel them. A team of Space Enforcers is formed to take a proactive defense of Earth, the Solar System, and the Milky Way. Benjamin Ray becomes separated from the Guardian Alliance, brought to the gelp home-world by a scout using the Void Crystal of Beidy’s Messenger to traverse space.
2009 Space Enforcers, as one of seven factions, fights the Black Legion, Jej Selik’s captured cyborg superheroes with a newly discovered cosmic power source. The finally-awoken survivors of world-ship Technetia build the colony New Rhenia in Earth’s solar system. The Lunarians retaliate against the invasive reptilians, conquer the alien aninin, and then enter a war with the alien shoson. Benjamin Ray returns home with the stolen Void Crystal of Beidy’s Messenger, as a different gelp warrior comes to Earth armed with the Solar Shield of Aza, attacking with cosmic radiation.
2010 Guardian Alliance drives off the gelp invasion bolstered by alien robots, matching its users of super-powered aliens with Earth’s own. China officially joins the Moon colony among the Lunarians.

Superhero age header for TPAMS - 06 Post-Modern Age

2011 After being destroyed the Space Enforcer Corps are rebuilt by Jacob Pines. After a war between Earth and New Rhenia, Kou Nar travels across America to reconnect with humanity. The living costume bonds with Dalon Deci. An entire inhabited planet in the Kamelola solar system is completely destroyed in a battle between the Devourer and the Space Enforcer Corps.
2012 A militant survivor of Rhenia wishes to sacrifice the Earth to bring Rhenia’s society back to its former glory, with Star-Man and Karee Sera fighting to stop him. Humanity’s population reaches seven billion: Space Enforcer Corps assigns humanity a minimum of seven active Space Enforcers; Muhammad Yildiz joins the Space Enforcer Corps.
2013 While the Guardian Alliance have joined forces with various space military forces to repel a universe-scale threat, the heroes left on Earth must defend it against Jej Selik, who is searching for his half-Lunarian “son”. Emilia Perez joins the Space Enforcer Corps, and explores the techno-organic robot biosphere of the planet Duzaren, making contact with the primitive denizens of the cyber forest. Kiran Abbasi, a half-reptilian, awakens her shape-shifting powers. Young Catherine Taylor inherits the cosmic powers and role of Space Marshal.
2014 Kou Nar fights a stronger clone of the Extinction Beast while also infected with a virus that slowly turns him into a Extinction Beast-like monster; after Extinction Beast’s defeat and amid the destruction caused by the battle, Master Machine invades and is repelled and imprisoned by Nisie Ris and Pepa Mer.
2015 Heroes and villains battle for the Thanatos, an cosmic entity that demands a swearing of servitude to it in exchange for power. Kou Nar raises his son Sirihu Nei, and introduces him to the Guardian Alliance. A lunarian, an aerospace fighter pilot and defector team up to destroy Jej Selik’s newly restored World-Wrecker RKV.
2016 Gifting the rhenians the cosmic powers of Kou Nar with the lunarians’ octahedron lights backfires, sparking a war for survival between them. Chinese high-school student Yong Sun discovers he is half-rhenian. NASA team reactivates the multi-part starship Ampzoid to battle the Reptilian Empire.
2017 Jej Selik’s space navy forces his enemies to retreat from battle, but he is usurped by Orion Utu as Bahram Utu finally sides with Star-Man in a fatal battle. Emilia Perez defends the tribesmen of Duzaren’s cyber forest from increased attacks by rampant robotic megafauna, corrupted by an awakened AI precursor.
2018 Mankind reverse-engineers FTLS travel, and builds a new fleet of starships; immediately they are ready to colonize other worlds.
2019 Orion Utu’s Architects empire is brought down as resistance groups throughout space join the rebellion.
2020 Astronauts discover that Jupiter was once inhabited by space-faring life, and embarks for their new home-world to meet them. U.S. Army soldier Nathan Walker, armed with a nano-tech suit of alien design, investigates an extraterrestrial megastructure in the Philippines.
2021 Space Enforcer culls a pod of endangered titacea space whales that have entered Earth’s solar system, which hoped to feed on its planets. The Gate Accident occurs in the transport network that allows for travel throughout space; it takes years to repair the damage to Earth and the Moon.
2022 Ten thousand people are abducted and replaced by reptilians, and fight to return to Earth, including one undercover Space Enforcer.
2023 Starship pilot students train hard to be selected to fight Dai-Mun’s alien xenork monsters on the frontier of outer space; his entire neighboring solar system, which had been thoroughly colonized by his subjects, is completely destroyed in the battle.
2024 Colonization beyond the Earth’s solar system begins and the establishment of New Hope by humans on a habitable planet.
2025 Star-Man battles a swarm of star wyrms, led by a colossal elder wrym that have erupted from the surface of the Sun.
2026 Humanity’s population reaches eight billion: Space Enforcer Corps assigns humanity a minimum of eight active Space Enforcers. Unscheduled solar eclipse, caused by an interfering Master Machine, throws humanity and the lunarians into chaos.
2027 Space Enforcer fights off a generation-ship, made of space-faring living trees, inhabited by colonists waiting to arrive in Earth’s solar system so they may colonize the Earth and Mars.
2028 Kaskada-Bel battles five enemies, each equipped with a variant of the kaskada armor, that have been brainwashed into serving an exiled lunarian warlord. Mankind begins construction of Dyson swarm around the Sun.
2029 Using synthetic octahedron lights and cloned rhenians, a rogue faction of Earth plans to conquer the lunarians.
2030 Kou Nar sustains physical and psychological injuries in a battle against Jej Selik, choosing to retire to political leadership of New Rhenia and appointing his son Sirihu Nei to inherit his cosmic powers as protector of Earth and New Rhenia.
2031 An outbreak of an obvious extraterrestrial infection that gives people a portion of cosmic power and makes them alien sweeps across the Earth, as a variant of the S.P.-virus (part of the plans of the Architects).
2032 Space Enforcer investigates a space station overrun with an alien AI creature that has escaped confinement.
2033 Alien creatures introduced onto the Earth as an invasive species, which Star-Man and the Guardian Alliance must fight off.
2035 Astronaut Stella Sterling stranded on a hostile alien planet in a freak accident, and survives the next five years before help can arrive.
2036 The entire Andromeda Galaxy is destroyed, to the surprise of even various AI gods. Gelp survivors, fleeing their destroyed home-world, amass one final alien invasion of Earth using the Planetary Orerry of Aza, a cosmic artifact, with the Chaos World Sphere to claim the Earth, before being destroyed by the Guardian Alliance.

Superhero age header for TPAMS - 07 Iron Age

2038 In the centennial celebration of superheroes, cosmically empowered rhenians descend on Earth and cause mass destruction. Meteor shower decimates the Earth.
2039 Piriu Mau inherits the mantle of Star-Man from among the cohort of competing rhenians. Space Enforcer Corps overwhelmed and severely weakened by coordinated attacks by three criminal organizations, leaving space lawless. Contact with a new powerful alien race on the fringes of the solar system, with a warring faction of AI unleashing biological weapons upon a purely organic faction counterattacking with computer viruses.
2040 Master Machine, formerly imprisoned on planet Mercury, breaks free and battles Star-Man. Spines disease, an alien infection of barbed quills that explode from the skin, sweeps through the weakened Space Enforcer Corps. The spacecraft Zheng He carries a Chinese crew on adventures to New Hope and beyond. Stella Sterling rescued from her ordeal in space.
2041 Terraforming of planets. Use of an octahedron in a FTLS ship drive allows travel to a similar reality, revealing a collapsing multiverse.
2042 Supernova explosion visible during the daytime. Asteroid impact strikes the ocean, causing damage to all coastal cities. Humanity’s population reaches nine billion: Space Enforcer Corps assigns humanity a minimum of nine active Space Enforcers. Aya Kumar begins her career as a teenage space explorer, using her knowledge of alien technology to bolster the output and support the members of her allies on the Teen Force.
2043 Collisions of Uranus’ moons together. The crew of the Chinese spacecraft Zheng He returns to Earth.
2044 Extinction-level asteroid racing towards Earth deflected by Star-Man. Gamma ray burst strips ozone layer away, allowing Earth to be irradiated by the Sun; mass exodus to Mars overseen by the Guardian Alliance.
2045 Sun expands into a red giant, Earth becomes tidally locked, ending the cycle of day and night; later the Sun becomes a white dwarf, and temperatures begin to drop; attempts by the Guardian Alliance to stop the Architects unraveling this universe result in deaths of many members. Astronauts investigate why a psychotic android has tampered with the habitability systems of Mars.
2046 No stars beyond the Milky Way can be seen or reached. FTL accident results in drawing the attention of powerful aliens bent on destroying marooned starship; one lone Space Enforcer fights to evacuate the crew. As a compromised sleeper agent, the newly initiated Kaskada-Bel’s infiltration of the Guardian Alliance allows her to weaken them from the inside and permit an invasion of Earth’s solar system.
2047 Star formation ends; all stars, including the Sun, begin to burn out. Earth’s refugee populations infected with an alien parasite that uses human hosts as food.
2048 The Architects, led by the Commander Architect, complete their conjunction of octahedrons at 6 vertex Lagrange points around Earth’s solar system, causing the unraveling of atomic structure across the entire Universe; limited survivors evacuate to the alternate universe “Earth-755.5.KS-5“; Aya Kumar, who had joined the Guardian Alliance that day as a new graduate, uses her skills with alien technology to support the evacuation effort, sacrificing herself so others may survive.

After the end

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