Earth-625.5.MS-8: An Earth of Superheroes Whose Powers Come from Magic

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This was a modern world of superheroes and supervillains.  For those people their superpowers came from magic or spirit totems.  The multiverse scholars who studied this world note that it was occupied by spirits and supernatural beings and filled with arcane lore and supernatural treasures.  While superhuman activity was world-wide and involved tens of thousands of note-worthy individuals, much of the most important events centered on China, India, and the underwater kingdoms of Atlantis.  Its timeline is detailed below.

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Historical Timeline of Events

Superhero age header for TPAMS - 01 Golden Age

1938 The Yellow River flood kills 500,000 people in a China under Japanese rule. Xiu Ying, empathetic and compassionate, travels from the Spirit World to the Mortal World to act as Bodhisattva, accompanied by Jun Wei, her chosen bodyguard Dharmapala. Although the truth that magic is real is known to a few, no mortal knows or can prove concrete answers regarding gods or any sort of afterlife.
1939 Jing Fang, a Chinese dragon from the magical aquatic kingdoms of the Pacific Ocean, emerges from under the sea to cause trouble for the surface world. Colonial India’s Muhammed Jinnah calls Muslims to civil disobedience against the British.
1940 Allen Starr and Ayita Starr become the latest Champions Eagle and continue the battle with the Champion snake enemies of the Twelve Serpents, who have unleashed a hydra to attack people. For the first time since before Europe’s Enlightenment Era a half-dozen other magic-users emerge to fight crime: Irving Forrest finds the Rakshasa Ring, granting him powers of sensory illusions; the Great Sage teaches the Warren Kaplan on the path to becoming the Arch-Mage; Robert Crowell acquires the divine Talaria and becomes super-humanly fast; and the Asian-American child Cindy Chen is imbued with divine alter-egos of swift and wise sky and strong and brave land spirits.
1941 Champion Eagle deployed as the patriotic spirit of America Major Washington, primarily to battle Gottfried Speer, the Nazi’s top black-magic user of the Demonology Codex to summon demons and evil spirits from the Spirit World. Osho Quanasa ascends the throne of the Atlantis by donning the mantle of Champion Fish, the largest kingdom of the underwater civilizations, populated by merfolk and other aquatic humanoids.
1942 Champion Eagle battles Azem, a demon summoned from the Spirit World by Gottfried Speer, who controls him through the Demonology Codex. Practice of using identity-concealing shadow-names becomes widespread among magic-users.
1943 Kushim-Ro, a one-million-year old immortal, battles Bodhisattva and Dharmapala; they also face Ruby Katz, one of the Champions of the cat totems, during travels in Africa. Champion Eagle receives supernatural treasures from the spirits of America: the World Tortoise Shield that grants invulnerability, and a thunderbird spear that give him powers over lightning.
1944 Allied Normandy landings in Northern France, with Champion Eagle Major Washington leading the charge. A super-strong zombie unleashed by the Haitian Zombie Staff of Bokor by Gottfried Speer will not die in his battles with Champion Eagle. Bodhisattva and Dharmapala battle a woman armed with the Aztec supernatural treasure the Seed and Tree Measuring-Stick, allowing her to change size and become a titanic giantess.
1945 WWII ends; China liberated from Japanese control after sustaining more than half the casualties. Cindy Chen battles an Iranian spirit-binder, who is also empowered by sky and land spirits. Azem breaks free of Nazi control, the demon being disgusted by the actions of the Nazis, but is turned to stone by Gottfried Speer before he can turn on him. In America, growing worries spread of superheroes influencing juvenile delinquency, illegal behavior, and un-Christian values. The Authority and its Code established: rather than submit to direct government oversight, magic-users use a self-monitoring review system, under the moral direction of religious leaders and Bodhisattva.
1946 Allen Starr called in by the government to stop a witch victimizing a small town in Arizona through the use of the Skin-Walker’s Cloak to change into animals and place hexes on spied targets.
1947 The Cold War between the USA and the west vs. the USSR and the east, each side seeking sources of magic. The Partition of India and Pakistan.
1948 Irving Forrest battles a Chinese lady empowered by a magical illusions ring similar his own; the challenge forces him to increase his use to more than 5 sensory illusions at once.
1949 End of the Chinese Civil War with the Kuomintang pushed out by the Communist Party led by Mao Zedong, which establishes the People’s Republic of China. Bodhisattva and Dharmapala battle Sorceress Wu, the centuries-old sorceress banished to a remote island, who feared a prophecy that she would be her undoing. Meteorite identified as antimagicite, which dispels from its presence spirits, spells and magical energies.
1950 Number of superheroes greatly reduced under Authority restrictions, and no new ones are joining; Bodhisattva and Dharmapala are the only regularly active members. The PRC reclaims Tibet. The iconic Heroes’ Tower building is destroyed in a battle between Dharmapala and Jing Fang.
1952 End of U.S. occupation of Japan. Champion Eagle battles Twelve Serpents’ lead Champion Snake in his attempts to awaken the immortal World Serpent, weakening the monster and returning it to sleep within the Spirit World by trapping it in the form of the Small Stone Serpent.
1953 Discovery of babel towers, which allows nearby people to understand any written or spoken language, buried in Iraq.
1954 Cindy Chen, now a young woman, sends her two spirits away back to the Spirit World, to prevent them from falling into the hands of Sorceress Wu, who would steal their power and use them for evil.

Superhero age header for TPAMS - 02 Silver Age

1956 Hector Ward acquires Cindy Chen’s sky spirit, gaining her superhuman speed, and goes on a quest to find the land spirit.
1957 Bodhisattva blocks the passage of asuras and hungry ghosts coming out of the Spirit World through nether thresholds; several of these magical portals begin opening, permitting more regular passage between the two worlds.
1958 Bodhisattva and Dharmapala battle the Animator, who attacks them with animated inanimate objects and by cursing them into statue forms until released by a magic ritual. Hector Ward battles a foe using the Ring of Gyges to commit crimes while invisible, defeating him with an infrared camera.
1959 Laurel Towers inherits the Rakshasa Ring from Irving Forrest. The aquatic Osho Quanasa and Quithea Ishiqua’s daughter Quawita Quanasa ascends to the role of princess of the seas, joining her father on his adventure to recover the Heavenly Dragon’s Pearl, which was stolen by a sorcerer and is being used to cause disastrous weather.
1960 Bodhisattva recovers the Fastachee Basket, stolen by a corrupt Chinese government official, the supernatural treasure having been borrowed from a Native American to use its food-creating magic to alleviate starvation in China. The aquatic Shaqueo Etatha joins Osho Quanasa and Quawita Quanasa on adventures together above and below the sea.
1961 The Quartermain Family, archaeological explorers, find and magically bond to elemental artifacts: Beckett Quartermain to a water trident, Wendy Quartermain to an air staff, Flash Quartermain to a fire dagger, and Brock Quartermain to an earth mace. Slumbering dragons, namely “Princess” Ban Long from the Ming Dynasty, awaken in China, causing problems for the communist party. Atsa Hatathli and Doli Hatathli replace Allen Starr and Ayita Starr as Champions Eagle; they battle an Italian Atom Works agent seeking to steal the Philosopher’s Stone, using its powers to acquire mass amounts of gold.
1962 Ayaan Sinha, though a mere teenager, becomes Champion Monkey, beginning a career of crime-fighting and adventure in India. Bodhisattva invites her friends from the Guardian Alliance to her paradise-palace in the Spirit World, which is then attacked by demons and defended. Jin Liu, having gained bonded Chinese elemental powers from a magical metal hammer, battles the Quartermain Family in a bid to gain all their powers as well; the mid-sized city of Xindijing is destroyed in the fighting. Antonio Little, an insect scientist, becomes Champion Ant. A brother and sister, armed with the strengthening Girdle of Brynhild and Strongman Gauntlet, travel from the Spirit World to battle giants that have reemerged outside Oslo, Norway.
1963 The Guardian Alliance becomes a permanent team of superheroes; its members are headquartered in Alliance HQ in Jerusalem. Warren Kaplan crafts a magical suit of totally bullet-proof armor (TBPA) to directly dismantle the weapons trade of a warlord. Charles North learns spell-casting under the Great Sage, eventually becoming the Arch-Mage. Quithea Ishiqua, Empress of the Oceans of Atlantis, rules beside the Emperor of the Oceans; Osho Quanasa gains Tiwetha Quanasa as a princess daughter. Invention of the Magic Extraction Machine, which takes magical essence out of something magically empowered and grants it to an individual; other scientists of magic unable to replicate the results. Japanese toy maker infuses an action figure with a protective kami spirit, using the size-changing robot Great King Lodevider G to battle giant oni.
1964 Champion Monkey fights Khara Nashik, a manic capitalist who is secretly a humanoid monster, as well as several elemental- and animal-totem empowered foes. Paula Martinez, a user of chaos magic, defects from her father, Jin Liu to join the Guardian Alliance; super-fast Hector Ward joins the same year. Jin Liu acquires the Mastery Ring, absorbs spirits’ magic of fire, water, earth, and wood, which, combined with his metal magic, empowers his attempts to take over China and the world, until stopped by the Quartermain Family. Arch-Mage prevents the demon lord Lusataer from crossing over in a battle in the Spirit World, protected by the Warding Phylactery. Laurel Towers fights the corpse army of Damon Nwa, a dread Haitian necromancer wielding the Zombie Staff of Bokor.
1965 Mitra Sangha learns under the tutelage of Bodhisattva to guide her reincarnation upon her eventual death. Chad Kaplan, wearing the original Armor of the Green Knight poses an unstoppable, completely invulnerable physical threat, and is instead defeated by the Guardian Alliance with mental attacks. Earth visited by an Lunarian sorcerer, one of the lunar magic-users living on Earth’s Moon, revealing an offshoot of humanity that has dwelt on the Moon since ancient. The resilient terrorist organization the Twelve Serpents mobilizes plans to take over the world. Atom Works’ test subject survives elemental infusion process for the first time, becoming empowered by the periodic element hydrogen; shortly thereafter she battles the Quartermain Family. Darwin Lowell becomes the Champion Human, empowered by the totemic spirit of the human animal; Champions Monkey and Eagle make an uneasy truce with him. Wizard magically renovates and levitates a flying castle.
1966 Mao’s divisive Cultural Revolution in China beings. U.S. draft to enter the Vietnam War. Maghan Keitan succeeds his father as king of Swazibia, an unconquered African nation hidden by the Champion Lion totem, battling rival Champions throughout Africa, such as Champion Rhino and agents of the Twelve Serpents. Champion Monkey battles an African botanist that is bonded to a wood whip, a supernatural treasure that grants her magical powers related to plants, who is hoping to restore a sacred tree cut down on land cleared for agriculture by stealing back wood carvings from the tree.
1967 Far-left Naxalite–Maoist insurgency begins in India; Laurel Towers and Champion Monkey team up to limit the violence. Princess Quawita Quanasa accompanies Osho Quanasa on his aquatic adventures. Brock Quartermain bonds with the land spirit originally belonging to Cindy Chen; he and Hector Ward battle for possession of the spirits, which remain separate for a time. Ghost hunter Avner Tobit killed by psychopomp before he can experimentally determine the true nature of the afterlife. Sylvia Kane operates out of the Tower of London as Champion Raven.
1968 Bodhisattva and Dharmapala battle four giants led by a cyclops. The demon Mephistopheles tempts the aging Arch-Mage with immortality, who instead chooses to pass on his knowledge to a successor. Yaling Liu, daughter of Jin Liu and armed with his stolen metal hammer, and Boris Frost, bonded to a magical Niflheim ice chain, join Watch Team 5 to use their elemental magic powers for heroic deeds. Mark-1, an experimental humanoid robot, is magically animated with the Heart of the Golem, gaining a human-like spirit.
1969 Ayaan Sinha begins a romantic relationship with Rose Lacey. Gabriel Nathan in Jerusalem joins Watch Team 5 as a financial backer, but is secretly an angel in disguise, doing good deeds and battling demons in secret. Walter Williamson becomes the first African-America Champion Eagle, succeeding Atsa Hatathli. The Twelve Serpents seeks the Dragon’s Regalia that grants wearers phenomenal mental and physical power, but gradually brings them under the domination of an evil serpent god. Astronauts land on the moon, welcomed by Lunarian delegates.
1970 The presence and rise of several women heads of state, including China (until 1972), India (until 1977), and in the United Kingdom. Bodhisattva battles a Valkyrie after healing a wounded soldier “destined” to die. Champion Monkey teams up with the dragon prince Jing Fang to battle the 13-bodied supervillain Shengxiao as it seeks domination over the world through applied astrology magic using the Jade Books of Heaven, a book of Chinese magic spells. Champion Monkey battles Chimera, a multi-form monster who tried by force to become multiple totem champions at once.

Superhero age header for TPAMS - 03 Bronze Age

1971 Indo-Pakistani War. Investigation of a cult gaining dangerous magical powers from ritual drug use. Arch-Mage encounters the ancient Kushim-Ro, kept immortal and youthful by the Egyptian contested-for Golden Scarab, and who is hunted by ghouls. The Swamp Man, an empathic supernatural swamp monster, emerges from the swamps of the southeastern U.S. TBPA becomes more wide-spread, along with the crafting of tassels of magical weaponry; Bodhisattva and Dharmapala battles a foe that uses an enchanted gun that never runs out of bullets.
1972 Octahedrons, items of vast magic, seen for the first time in the modern age with the Astral Eye that has power over souls and spirits, overseen by the psychopomp Death. The immortal Vlad Dracul, previously barred entry into the Mortal World, returns from his dungeon in the Spirit World as a foe to Arch-Mage; he also uses the Astral Eye to kill the possessed Great Sage to prevent the demon Asag from entering into the Mortal World to rule humanity.
1973 Jin Liu kills Rose Lacey, sending Ayaan Sinha into a rampage as he suffers the grief of loss of many friends and allies; in the ensuing battle Jin Liu appears to fall to his death from a bridge. Aspen Hawthorn, the half-vampire vampire-slayer, appears for the first time to battle Vlad Dracul. Criminal magic users imprisoned with antimagicite stones in their cells to prevent them from using magic.
1974 Leroy Steele replaces Jin Liu as Lord Iron, armed with the Gremlin Gloves, to dismantle technology in acts of corporate sabotage. The first seal on the Dragon Gate, a nether threshold to the Dragon’s Dungeon in the Spirit World, is opened, releasing modern fantasy creatures, dragons, swordsmen and sorcerers into the modern day. Arch-Mage begins a mutual romantic relationship with the daughter of the immortal villain Kushim-Ro, but does not want to inherit her father’s criminal empire. Benjamin Ray emerges as Champion Wolverine, a strong Canadian commando. Ying Huang learns qi manipulation and martial arts, becoming the Tie Shan. Study into spiritual reincarnation published.
1975 Anukrti Gadhavi takes the mantle of Champion Monkey from Ayaan Sinha; he battles a Chinese man able to be in multiple places at once through the Ganzhi Rosary. Several newcomers join Watch Team 5: Micaiah Aviyah, a German Catholic half-demon seeking acceptance in a world of prejudice; Marietjie Botha, an African woman imbued with an alter-ego of a sky spirit of storms and rain; and Kolya Kuznetsov, a Russian man imbued with an alter-ego of a land spirit of an iron mine. Wawatam Wawia replaces Walter Williamson to become the new Champion Eagle, under the blessing of the northwest thunderbird. The town of Fairview and the 12-mile-wide area of mountain forest around it is completely destroyed in a battle between Bodhisattva and a fire-breathing dragon.
1976 Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai both die, beginning a new era in China; Cultural Revolution ends. Oscar Wright, after a motorcycle accident, is magically healed and becomes Major London, defending England and retrieving the Emerald Tablet spell-book. Though sworn to a vow of silence, Michelle Mill, a former atheist, is empowered by the Consecrated Testament to perform miracles. The Twelve Serpents attempt to makes use of a ritual of Mephistopheles to gain immortality, as part of their long-term terrorist bid for world domination.
1977 Benjamin Ray battles his foe and rival Don Smilo the murderous Champion Grey Wolf. Ruman Gupta manifests her spider powers, becoming a lady Champion Monkey. Fatima, a human-disguised sphinx, begins her career as a lawyer. Explorers of the Dragon’s Dungeon emerge from Zorion’s tomb with supernatural treasures: the object-teleporting Slight of Hand Gloves, the spell-manipulating Twisted Magic Robes, effect-fusing Recombination Rod, and the illusion-piercing All-Seeing Eyeglasses of Zorion.
1978 Two spell-casting heroes establish the company Vigilantes, Inc., doing freelance magic problem-solving to pay the bills. Assassinations committed by Jane Doe, a shape-shifter using the Doppelganger Mask to perfectly disguise herself. Agent Morningstar field-tests Italian political terrorist group Atom Works’ Atomic Power Ring, giving him magic in manipulating chemical structures, and along with agents Chloros and Wolfram goes rogue.
1979 Mable Little becomes the next Champion Ant. Chinese dragon Jing Fang is temporarily stuck in a weaker human form, and battles a British warrior slowly transforming into a dragon by wearing the magical Fire Dragon Crown. Ying Huang defeated by but then later gains the supernatural treasures of a rival martial artist who used the Shaolin Vest and Shaolin Shoes which improve his martial arts skill and acrobatic ability.
1980 Senator Teller rises to political power on a conservative Pro-Christian anti-magic platform in America, until his life is saved by a magic-user who cures him of the magical S.P.-virus. In its death-throws, a phoenix sets fire to the city of Fairview. Branwen Rook, witch and half-human daughter of the demon Raum, joins the Teen Force as a Champion Crow, using black magic and the Jinn Robe to phase through walls and enemies. Earthquake in Italy gives Atom Works many displaced test subjects to victimize for experimentation.
1981 Mumbi Gombe, a lady from Swazibia, becomes the next Champion Human, and is also empowered by the Beasts Belt to shape-change into the animals of Africa. Bodhisattva and Dharampala tasked with retrieving the Pinaka, the Atomizing Bow, which was stolen from the Spirit World by an amnesiac one-eyed thief who is now causing destruction and murder through use of the weapon; ultimately it is destroyed as one of its arrows is used on the bow itself.
1982 Several youths join Watch Team 5: Ms. Cheyenne, the team leader skilled in spell-casting; a Brazilian teenager imbued with an alter-ego of a solar spirit of light and endurance; and Marta Weissmuller, a Scottish teenage werewolf. Two Egyptian teenagers, finding the Shadow Coils and the Sun Disk Halo-Stone in Cairo, become the crime-fighting duo Sun and Shadow. The Years of Lead in Italy: Atom Works uses elemental infusions to produce superhuman agents with powers of the periodic elements as part of its terrorist and political designs.
1983 Watch Team 5 battle the Troglodites, a society of underground sewer-dwelling monstrous humanoids. Leroy Steele continues the legacy of Lord Iron by amassing magical metals to create superior combat armor. Martin, a tiny dragon, joins Watch Team 5. Ruby Cornelian learns that she is an orphaned princess of Crystalis, one of the kingdoms of the Spirit World, and uses magic to fight the sorceress Bloodstone. Lady samurai Takeko Gozen fights oni, claiming her weapon, the legendary Yawarakai-Te, is infused with the kami of her dead husband. Quartermain Family battles Atom Works and its newest chemical super-spies, destroying the organization.
1984 A wizard of the Spirit World teleports many of the Mortal World’s heroes and villains into gladiatorial combat in the Spirit World so it can study mortal magic. Mitra Sangha graduates from working directly with Xiu Ying to going solo as the heroine Biqiuni. Anjana Tamboli replaces Ruman Gupta as a lady Champion Monkey. As Guardian Alliance membership swells, a southern branch in Rio de Janeiro is established to spread the man-power below the equator. Farran Arkwright, with magic powers related to technology and engineering, joins Watch Team 5 and crafts the Tablet of Technology. Frank Augustus, a working class occult detective, begins solving supernatural mystery cases. Sky Jacobson inherits the position of Messenger as the aging Gabriel Nathan retires to avoid suspicion that he is an angel.
1985 Both Mortal and Spirit Worlds are attacked, damaged, and restored in a massive battle between the Man in Red, half-avatar demon of the Adversary, and every magical being in existence, in which many heroes die. Fisher Baldwin replaces the deceased Wawatam Wawia as Champion Eagle. The assassin Purnima Daitya, armed and multi-armed via the Deva Arms Shawl, leads a cult as Asuri in battling heroes from the Spirit World.

Superhero age header for TPAMS - 04 Dark Age

1986 Bodhisattva, alongside Rashi Goldstein, a dragon disguised as Europe’s top banker, oppose the plot of Charles Frank, an ancient power-hungry dragon and reincarnation of Charlemagne. Taylor Murphy opposes magic-users as part of US government agencies. Frank Augustus parleys with urban fey, the wild spirits of the urban jungle, on behalf of humanity to keep New York City from falling apart. Jin Liu, who apparently survived his supposed death, recruits elemental agents of iron, gold, copper, and titanium from the now destroyed Atom Works to serve as his four generals.
1987 Bodhisattva battles Kathy Katz, the new Champion Cheetah that has replaced the old original. The Great White Hunter shoots, tranquilizes, and buries alive Champion Monkey to prove to himself that he is a superior hunter before committing suicide. Ayaan Sinha marries Diya Sanyal. The Quartermain Family battles Captain Mendeleev as head experimenter at the revitalized Atom Works. Edward Prochoros inherits the role of Arch-Mage. Bogdstan, in the west Asia region (between Mongolia, China, India, and Russia) is destroyed in a battle between Arch-Mage and the premature Horsemen of the Apocalypse that had been unleashed by the supervillain Revelation.
1988 Messenger succumbs to temptation and is recreated by Revelation into the darker Prophet. Magic Extraction Machine’s effects replicated: its inventor begins hunting down magic to extract and then implant into clients seeking power. Arch-Mage, dealing with a thunderbolt spear that short-circuits nearby electronics, contains its power and later develops magical power-generating electro-solar crystals.
1989 Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests crushed by the People’s Liberation Army; Bodhisattva rescues as many protesters as she can. Arch-Mage is captured in the pocket-dimension of the Puzzle Prison, encounters many anthropomorphic spirits, and escapes from the Spirit World. The second seal on the Dragon’s Dungeon is opened, releasing additional modern fantasy creatures, dragons, sorcerers, and adventurers into the world. The latest Champion Crow, a Japanese man trained by tengu, goes forth to recover the stolen Hagoromo, one of the world’s few wing cloaks that could allow mortals to fly.
1990 Under the tutelage of Cindy Chen four children are imbued with divine alter-egos by green spirits of sky (atmosphere), land (geosphere), sea (hydrosphere), and living things (biosphere) to fight poachers and living pollution monsters; they regularly combine their powers to summon the stronger Earth-Gestalt spirit. In Jerusalem Messenger battles Daemon, Fallen, and Necro, three supervillain brothers who attack people in broad daylight to sow terror after having gain powers from the sacrifice of a captured angel. A new Quartermain Family, with former Atom Works agents of Silicon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Oxygen, replace the original family in their opposition to Jin Liu and his four generals.
1991 Watch Team 5 battle the compulsive enchantments of Mara on both the Mortal and Spirit Worlds to prevent him from bringing all of Watch Team 5 under his demonic control and achieving omnipotence. Catalina Flores inherits the role of Arch-Mage. Valentina Woo and her magical sisters travel the world in search of supernatural treasures; exploring the Dragon’s Dungeon they emerge from Kiran’s tomb with additional supernatural treasures: the ally-shielding Barrier Bracers and the versatile Shifting Liquid Sword of Kiran.
1992 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the Americas observed in the U.S., despite controversy and protests against the victimization of Native Americans; Minco Barfoot replaces Fisher Baldwin as Champion Eagle and leads some of these protests. Nikolas Hathway becomes infused with demonic energy, becoming the vengeful Devil-Man. Japanese schoolgirl Tsukiko Yomi discovers that she is secretly a Lunarian, becoming the magical girl warrior Lunar Soldier and using her moon magic to fight demons. Atom Works’ creation Agent Cesium escapes containment and goes on a killing spree.
1993 Xiu Ying killed in battle, but promises her companions that she will reincarnate again; Dharmapala and Mitra Sangha immediately begin their search for her. Malik Bennett develops electricity magic, becoming a teenage superhero in the Great Lakes area. Azem awoken from begin turned to stone, and finding the Mortal World and its people to his liking, sides with humanity to battle evil monsters; on Halloween he teams up with Jack-o’-Lantern to defeat demons crossing nether thresholds from the Spirit World. Paleontologist uses the magical Fossil Femur Rod to resurrect several dinosaurs for study, which run amok and cause destruction.
1994 Anukrti Gadhavi, as a new Champion Monkey and training under the Monkey King, learns to create magical clones through the Ganzhi Rosary. Hawaiian Shao Rakoka, as Champion Great White Shark, fights the Atlanean adventurers as he preys on humans. Carl Baruch inherits the role of Arch-Mage. Following the success of reviving Azem from being turned to stone, a clan of gargoyles, petrified as statues for a thousand years, is awakened in Paris, forced to adjust to their new world but still motivated to protect humanity.
1995 Kun Wu, a new Biqiuni, trains under Dharmapala. Samuel Hobbes replaces Leroy Steele as the latest Lord Iron. NYPD homicide detective bonds with the Sorcerer-Sword, a magic gauntlet with a mind of its own that compels her to fight supernatural evil.
1996 Japheth Noah, gritty and Biblical Golden Calf/False Idol, convinces the public that they want vicious anti-heroes, which leads to a massacre condemned by the larger community. Tara Vemulakonda replaces Anjana Tamboli as a lady Champion Monkey. Joseph Smith beings attending wizardry school. Maya Shakya, the Thousand-Armed Guardian, inherits her rank as Dharmapala from Jun Wei to protect Kun Wu, the reincarnation of Bodhisattva.
1997 Champion Tiger in India recognized as king of the growing community of animal totem Champions. Rule of Hong Kong returns to the People’s Republic of China. A second Champion Eagle joins Minco Barfoot in the battle against the Twelve Serpents, who have reclaimed the Small Stone Serpent, which partly-awakens the weakened World Serpent within. Ashley Oak joins Aspen Hawthorn, beginning a career slaying vampires. Babel towers replicated using the Magic Extraction Machine; mass production and installation in key areas begins.
1998 Saanvi Sinha, Ayaan Sinha’s daughter, becomes a new Champion Monkey; she also encounters a new Champion Monkey from Ecuador. Three classes of Japanese school students become involved with collecting, battling, binding and summoning spirits into and from trading game cards.
1999 Warren Kaplan, beaten and exhausted, teaches Joseph Smith to become the new Arch-Mage of a changed world. Champion Monkey fights Samuel Hobbes, who appears to be giving people access to animal totems, in reality exposing people to demonic possession. Ska Wanbli becomes the new lady Champion Eagle. Black Hunter, a big game poacher, hunts Champion Monkey, as his last great hunting challenge. Jerusalem’s antipode, an Atlantis city between Brisbane and Santiago, is destroyed in a battle between Emperor of the Oceans and the once-again-slumbering Cthulhu.

Superhero age header for TPAMS - 05 Modern Age

2000 Archaeologist Valentina Woo adventures across the world, using a magic compass to search for supernatural treasures to prevent the resurrection of a Chinese demon sorcerer. A British librarian and secret agent, able to manipulate paper through a bonded wood whip’s magical control of plant-based matter, rescues a world-famous novelist from kidnapping.
2001 Increasing Islamophobia and Islamophobic incidents. Public allegations of sexual abuse and conspiracy and abetting within the Catholic church. The Great Carnivore, dire predator from the Spirit World, attempts to hunt and consume the powers of all animal totem Champions, starting with all the Champion Monkeys throughout the world.
2002 Alya Samara, a Muslim woman who performs miracles, joins Watch Team 5 to fight Islamophobia. Wolke Bundesadler becomes the next lady Champion Eagle. Marta Weissmuller battles Harold Fairhair, a Norwegian were-bear motorcycle outlaw. Shengxiao completes the Zodiac Necklace by collecting all twelve magical medallions, gaining great power before beings stopped by the Guardian Alliance.
2003 After a false start, the third seal on the Dragon’s Dungeon is opened; many supernatural treasures awaken their powers at once, and Shaolin monks take it upon themselves to collect them in world-spanning adventures to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Benjamin Ray replaced with Agent-24 as the new Champion Wolverine. Several youths join Watch Team 5: Antal Novák, who is stuck possessing a cursed evil eye amulet; several elemental youngsters, including children of the Quartermain Family; and Galen Katsaros, who found and has bonded with the healing Rod of Asclepius. Suleyman Camba briefly takes the title of Champion Lion.
2004 Indian Ocean 9.3 magnitude earthquake, about 230,000 killed or missing; Bodhisattva travels there to help how she can. Paula Martinez’s chaos magic, unleashed from the tragedy of the loss of her children, causes reality to unravel, leading Arch-Mage to fight her. Two different Champions Monkey emerge, one in India, and the other in Central America, whose side-kick possesses the Spider Monkey Palms that allow for magical climbing ability.
2005 In a fit of mental break-down after her battle with Arch-Mage, Paula Martinez uses her reality-warping powers to force the Spirit World to overlap with the Mortal World in some places, strengthening magic and leading magic-users to take over for a time; when things return to normal magic remains weakened for the next several years instead, with some places being magic dead-zones. Jules Small, wizard son of a medical doctor, develops the Gloves of Microbiota, which causes a temporary outbreak of disease before mastering the manipulation of germs. Bodhisattva prevents the Black Seven, bearing empowered weapons of five planets, the Sun and Moon, from influencing astrological events.
2006 Mexican Drug War begins; the Central American Champion Monkey hunts down several drug dealers, whose leader is super-humanly intelligent through the Plumed Serpent Headband. Detective Addison Winters becomes involved in a resurrection cult following the death of his wife. Leonardo Little becomes the new Champion Ant. Zombie plague breaks out, infecting several superheroes, with the Rod of Asclepius being used to combat the Zombie Staff of Bokor. British airman Captain Terrence Manchester brings the loyal dragon Xiang Tian-Long into Britain’s air force, where they are dispatched regularly to international situations. NYPD detective investigates the mystery of the Dragon’s Dungeon and its supernatural treasures so he can recover his lost daughter.
2007 Bodhisattva is caught in a war started by Dharmapala (due to the schemes of Sorceress Wu) to attack the Mortal World; when her paradise-palace is destroyed in the Spirit World, she rebuilds it in Tibet. Three Japanese high-school students in Tochigi become Champion Monkeys, working together to dispel evil oni. Lefet Karoris’s demonic legions unleash terror against the Guardian Alliance. Vlad Dracul, enraged leader of vampires and armed with the Tooth of the First Vampire, heralds his crusade against Watch Team 5. Donald Scrooge uses the Slight of Hand Gloves in his quest to steal all supernatural treasures for himself. Torill Kristoffersen, Norwegian femme fatale wearing the mind-controlling Helm of Awe, preys upon foes with a possessive kind of love.
2008 Wenchuan earthquake kills over 69,000 in central south-west China. Acar Sunal inherits the role of Arch-Mage; eventually he makes a bodyguard golem made of plastic. The fourth seal on the Dragon’s Dungeon is opened, but ultimately magic and beings from the third release instead are reinvigorated through special paths found to channel magic out of the dungeon.
2009 Guardian Alliance and many villains together fight Damon Nwa, now a death spirit wielding the Zombie Staff of Bokor and an army of zombie superheroes reanimated to fight for him; the divine Rod of Asclepius instrumental in his defeat. Lilith Summers, armed and bonded with the Shifting Liquid Sword of Kiran, joins Watch Team 5. Suleyman Camba, Maghan Keitan’s sibling, becomes the new Champion Lion. Theft of the Pharaoh’s Golden Sphinx, a cultural treasure (with no supernatural powers) stolen back by an Egyptian crime ring after being stolen a century before by British treasure hunters; Bodhisattva secures its return to an Egyptian public museum.
2010 A powerful spirit of chaos, born from Paula Martinez’s twisting of the Spirit World five years ago, goes on a killing spree, targeting religious miracle workers before being trapped in the Sealing Vessel of Solomon. Mei Houwang replaces Tara Vemulakonda as a lady Champion Monkey. Bodhisattva’s paradise-palace in Tibet is besieged by the Chinese army and by evil magic-users and destroyed. Emperor of the Oceans gains Shaiwao Quanasa as a prince heir to his throne. Watch Team 5 recruit Aspen Hawthorn to fight a vampire assault led by the son of Vlad Dracul.

Superhero age header for TPAMS - 06 Post-Modern Age

2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan. Beijing is overrun with Champion Monkeys as the Monkey King turns people in primates; an unrelated young and reluctant Champion Monkey emerges in the U.S. Bodhisattva cannot stop Maya Shakya from dying, in battles in which demonic weapons emerge and curse various people to turn into demons. Paula Martinez’s return from exile in the Spirit World causes heroes to clash about how to handle her in the context of the catastrophe she unleashed in the recent past.
2012 Champion Monkey discovers a faction of the Twelve Serpents, who has secretly been manipulating India since the turn of the century, that now moves in a bid to take over the country entirely. In fighting a sorcerer armed with deadly energy blast spells that defeated Maya Shakya, Bodhisattva must find the Japanese Oukami Kagami, or God Mirror, to reflect the attacks back at her. In cyberspace Arch-Mage battles digital gremlins interfering with technology.
2013 Tathewo Atawishu, Emperor of the Oceans’s brother and Champion Octopus, declares war on the surface world after submarine missiles accidentally damage Atlantis, sending tidal waves at coastal cities and the Emperor of the Oceans to battle for his throne. Grace Beshara inherits the role of Arch-Mage. Panacea, that grants those who drink it a temporary healing factor and cures disease, is reverse-engineered by Ahmed Navarro from the stolen Rod of Asclepius, who survives assassination from pharmaceutical company-hired hit-men while under Bodhisattva and Dharmapala’s protection.
2014 Min-seo Young emerges from a dungeon in the Spirit World as a lady Champion Monkey, and begins to build a life after six years of isolation so she can track down her missing family. Babel towers common in most major cities and widespread throughout the world, magically eliminating most language barriers. The fifth seal on the Dragon’s Dungeon is opened. Astrologer and astronomer Lucina publishes hypothesis of the coming of alien magic from another planet.
2015 Magic-using Christian evangelists fight fallen angels to prevent the end of mankind. Battle for the Creation Scroll, which permanently makes whatever the wielder draws or writes; villains use it to recreate the destroyed Pinaka, while heroes recover it and create a treasure chest that forever seals away both the Pinaka and the Creation Scroll inside it.
2016 The unexpected emergence of extraterrestrial gelp, who have come to Earth for mysterious reasons and are armed with laser visors and other kinds of alien magic. A new Bodhisattva, Sung-Hyun Moon, serves as a superhero in China. Several characters join the Guardian Alliance: a ninja, a classical knight, a climatologist bonded with a Niflheim ice chain, and an angelic medic; they fight a wraith-like assassin.
2017 Champion Monkey battles Vataxa, a gelp super-soldier armed with the alien adaptive helm that protects them from each threat they’ve faced. Crime League recruits the life-force witch Regina Quinton. In Norway Torill Kristoffersen emerges after acquiring the Helm of Awe, in which she attempted to use her mind control to expand her power base to include heroes, until its enchantments are dispelled by Bodhisattva.
2018 Champion Monkey fights an alien were-creature that is a gelp infiltrator wearing the shape-shifting xeno symbiote. Bodhisattva and Dharmapala dispel the disguises of several dozen doppelgangers who had copied people perfectly after studying their social media profiles.
2019 A bounty hunter, using the Doppelganger Mask to disguise themselves, tracks down and kills doppelgangers and other monsters illegally masquerading as humans. Qiang Tou, after proving herself by completing the Qi Trials of the Eight Immortals, inherits the Shaolin Vest and Shaolin Shoes to attain even greater power as the latest Tie Shan. Spam email spreads enchantment spell to thousands, who are magically compelled to each give 10% of their wealth to Donald Scrooge before his arrest.
2020 Bodhisattva and Dharmapala defeat the alien magic-user Onmohjok, a gelp attempting to install their magical Chaos World Sphere, which would terraform the Earth. Fire-breathing dragons reign and devastate England; soldiers retaliate with helicopters and machine guns. Escapades of ninja high-school students battling a rival school.
2021 Arch-Mage (using the Deva Arms Shawl to match the alien 4-armed somatic spell components) defeats Onmohjok in a spell casting duel, who was attacking Earth’s sacred spaces with the gravity-warping Knotted Rope of Nim. Many vicious and violent humans transform into trolls and orcs: some become mercenaries, some attempt to live normal lives, and other succumb to barbarism.
2022 Absolution, a death spirit psychopomp, abandons her post; although she does not reveal the nature of any afterlife that may or may not exist to mortals, she adventures to find desperate people and give them reason to live. Appearance of the simurgh across the skies of the Middle East, granting boons to war-displaced refugees. Champion Monkey, alongside new allies in Champions of plant totems, battles Champion Kudzu leading totem champions of poisonous, invasive, or parasitic plants.
2023 Student of magic trains hard to be selected to fight supernatural monsters and defend humanity. Bodhisattva becomes separated from Dharmapala, brought to the gelp home-world by a scout using the Void Crystal of Beidy’s Messenger to traverse space. Sphinx lawyer Fatima wins major civil rights case granting supernatural creatures equal protection in international law.
2024 Bodhisattva returns home with the stolen Void Crystal of Beidy’s Messenger, as a different gelp warrior comes to Earth armed with the Solar Shield of Aza, attacking with magical radiation. Discovery of powerful tome of magic, hotly contested by wizards. Minor panacea mass-produced into a healing beverage distributed world-wide in vending machines.
2025 Guardian Alliance drives off the gelp invasion bolstered by alien dragons, matching its users of alien supernatural treasures and alien spell-casters with Earth’s own. Secret military magical soldier program is started in the United States.
2026 Champion Monkey battles a ruthless business woman who transferred the enchantments of the Armor of the Green Knight into a business suit, defeating her invulnerability through knock-out gas. Unscheduled solar eclipse. School children become involved in a mystery related to semi-intelligent spirits drawn into the Mortal World by spell-casting.
2027 Champion Monkey finds the Seed and Tree Measuring-Stick, shrinks to tiny size, and battles spiders to reclaim the stolen stick to return to normal; in the process giant spiders accidentally run loose upon the world.
2028 Bodhisattva uses the Sealed Spirits Staff to seal away sin-bound spirits upon school children. Product line of magical clothing, such as dress jackets of resistance and neckties of persuasion, comes onto the mass consumer market.
2029 Manifestation of manasaputras, enlightened spirits from Hindu mythology. American monster trucks transform into demonically-possessed vehicles that possess their drivers and wreck destruction through Houston, Texas until destroyed by the Arch-Mage.
2030 Valentina Woo enlists the help of Bodhisattva in battling Glatties, an arctic elf sorceress armed with the frost magic of a Niflheim ice chain, who is stopped before she can plunge mankind into an ice age as part of a bid to reverse global warming. Chinese astronauts visit the moon and encounter lunar spirits.
2031 An arcane mark begins spreading among people, imbuing them with the essence of elemental power as part of a plot by the Warlocks, ancient alien demons from deep within the Spirit World.
2032 A nether threshold to hell opens in London, leading to an influx of demons from the Spirit World; the Sealed Spirit Staff is overwhelmed and becomes flushed of its spirits, so the Sealing Vessel of Solomon becomes instrumental in the battle.
2035 Erlking, the king of the elves, declares and wages war against mankind, first by enacting enchantments against world leaders to bewitch them into turning on each other, and when that fails to using highly-trained assassins to target leaders, who are protected by superheroes.
2036 Incarceration of the Erlking for war crimes after the U.S. invasion of the Spirit World results in annexation of the kingdom of the elves.

Superhero age header for TPAMS - 07 Iron Age

2038 One hundred years after the emergence of overt magic, and the merger of the Mortal and Spirit Worlds; masquerade broken, in that gods and the afterlife are revealed to definitely exist. The Adversary acquires half of the One God’s power, and all gods’ relative strength are no longer determined by faith from worshipers. The gods Indra and Shiva drive attempts to maintain order and oppose the Adversary.
2039 Bodhisattva manifests to try and maintain order in a world combining technological advancement and unleashed magic. Arch-Mage survives being drawn into feuds between gods and ideuses, anthropomorphic personifications of modern ideas like Political Corruption, the Nation, and Human Rights.
2040 Arch-Mage Grace Beshara disappears mysteriously in battle with supervillain organization. Portal to the underground opens and unleashes subterranean aberrant horrors. Temporary substitute Arch-Mage battles ghosts that are becoming omnipresent since the merger of Mortal and Spirit worlds has caused the afterlife to overlap with regular life.
2041 Vritra, king of evil asuras, overthrows Indra and exiles Shiva and Vishnu from their seats of power. Deaths of knightly superhero team in north-central Europe, battling fire-breathing dragons. The Adversary awakens the titans, which battle the gods in bloody showdowns. Use of an octahedron in a ritual with a nether threshold allows travel to a similar reality, revealing a collapsing multiverse.
2042 Jonette Arthur leads siege of supervillain stronghold, leading to the capture of Jin Liu, who had remained at-large for nearly 10 years. Grace Beshara returns home after being held captive since 2040, after being deployed as a brainwashed villain under the control of Torill Kristoffersen’s Helm of Awe and then rescued. Aya Kumar begins her career as a teen mage, using her enchantments to bolster the powers and support the members of her allies on the Teen Force.
2043 Weather goes out of control as nature spirits battle each other; the Emperor of the Oceans attempts to use the Heavenly Dragon’s Pearl to force them back in line, resulting in a war between spirits of sea and sky.
2044 Destruction of the Arch-Mage’s Mansion. Viral internet meme spreads permanent blindness and deafness to those who see or hear its message. Totems of extinct animals rise as undead, corrupting Champions to attempt retributive genocide against humanity.
2045 Necromancer cults raise army of undead, using the Zombie Staff of Bokor to inscribe a symbol that kills any who gaze at the Moon, with Lunarians instrumental in the cult’s defeat.
2046 Superheroes have no choice but to attempt to siege Vlad Dracul’s castle at night. Massive tsunami conjured by an evil ocean sorcerer from Atlantis destroys cities already at-risk by climate change. Living volcano awakens and enacts magma magic and incendiary ash clouds to ruin lands.
2047 Gelp survivors, fleeing their destroyed home-world, amass one final alien invasion of Earth using the Planetary Orerry of Aza, a cosmic-power-scale amplifying artifact, with the Chaos World Sphere to claim the Earth, before being destroyed by the Guardian Alliance. Mass manufacture of armies of iron golems to battle armies of trolls. Seven spellcasters’ souls stolen by the Sealed Spirit Staff to create a powerful magic weapon.
2048 Divination reveals octahedrons are keyed to locations called the Eight Stages: in the Rocky Mountains, in Afghanistan, and in many locations underwater across the Earth under the protection of Atlantis. Oceans become infested with wild krakens, first in Norway, and then worldwide; international shipping crippled, and war declared on Atlantis, leaving aquatic demons to occupy the Eight Stages. Aya Kumar joins the Guardian Alliance as an adult mage; her enchantments instrumental in the strengthening of other team members in the following years’ varied crisis situations.
2049 Death of Sephirot, prominent Jewish superhero, at the hands of Granada Torquemada. Sudden world-wide plague of shoggoths.
2050 Ban Long and other Chinese dragons take over China, conquering the PRC and beginning a draconic dynasty. Shia muslim superhero becomes ruler of Iran. Spread of new religion in worship of deities of magic. Granada Torquemada begins targeting Jewish superheroes. Sealed Spirit Staff contested for among both heroes and villains; it finally bonds with a teenage bystander, awakening his magical abilities.
2051 Religious reformation in the face of how gods act among mortals. Enlightened Buddhist monks exodus the world en mass, departing for Nirvana, with Bodhisattva herself the only remaining bodhisattava.
2052 Dragon-Slave Horns: dragons of all kinds contest and battle for magical control of themselves and each other.
2053 Neo-Pagan End Times, massacre of several pantheons with small numbers of worshipers. All coastal cities flood as the sea rises fast; a year of extreme seasons and the dimming of the sun; half the stars vanish from the sky; world trees die and fall. Emergence of a tiny second sun orbiting the Earth. Religious reformation takes hold in America, leading to schism and factional fighting. Aya Kumar fights the Warlocks as part of a Guardian Alliance team, preventing their acquisition of an octahedron.
2054 The Small Stone Serpent awakens into the World Serpent at the sounding of the Dragon-Slave Horns, takes control of all wild snakes and reptiles, and battles the Guardian Alliance for control of the Horns. Lusataer leads legions of demons that emerged from underground, razing Vatican City.
2055 Shinto End Times; all of the Shinto pantheon of kami are killed by the Adversary’s army, and the islands of Japan rendered barren and sterile of all life, with all natural spaces destroyed. Religious reformation reaches PRC. Vampires develop a shadow magic technology that enables them to move about in the day, beginning the rapid spread of vampires.
2056 Traditional African End Times; the Adversary’s forces, who turn fallen African mortals and gods into zombie slaves, massacre the various pantheons of Africa, who are destroyed in a united last stand in Swazibia. Tao Chan, whose memory had been erased several times by the protective Arch-Mage, finally learns that he possesses a mystical connection to an octahedron, awakening its teleportation powers.
2057 Shang Gyatso recognized as the Dalai Lama, using his supernatural powers to liberate Tibet from Chinese territorial control. Displaced Catholic Pope establishes the Holy League, a team of divine superheroes, as a united front against evil magic-users and creatures in attempts to reclaim the ruined Vatican City. Led by Native America anti-hero, riots kill civilians and two superheroes. Atlantis declares open war against the surface world. Aya Kumar prevents the escalation of a conflict in India through the reduction of her foe’s magic.
2058 Buddhist End Times; extinction of all enlightened beings, with a mass liberation drawn to Bodhisattva and Dharmapala beneath the Bodhi Tree and seven suns as all Buddhist objects and people spontaneously catch fire, turn to ashes, and are extinguished. The second sun flashes.
2059 Chinese End Times; China’s heavenly bureaucracy corrupts and falls as China’s mortal dragon government corrupts, falls, and is torn down in revolt; all of China’s rivers become polluted, flood the land and then dry up; extinction of Chinese dragons. Second sun flashes. Jenny Everywhere starts her investigation into how to defeat the Warlocks.
2060 Hindu End Times; the Tandava Dance of Shiva brings fierce storms that devastate India and south Asia, turning the landscape into flat barren glass as the earth is melted by fiery lightning strikes. Second sun flashes, and is speculated by scholars of mythology and magic to be a Cosmic Egg that will hatch after the end of all creation. Tao Chan, Jenny Everywhere, and Aya Kumar team up to track down octahedrons.
2061 Publication and mass distribution of “Plain English” elementary spellbook. Dying totem spirits entrust the last of their power to their current Champions, who battle to the death when overwhelmed by their animal instincts.
2062 Muslim End Times. Emergence of the false prophet, the Middle East scoured by destruction, and then sinks into the sea. Arrival of the leading Warlock Archking into this universe. Aya Kumar the only survivor of a superhero team that was dispatched to fight the Warlocks.
2063 Christian End Times: The Adversary, who was also the Warlock Archking, moves to destroy all creation, but The One God stops them from further destroying the Earth, then judges those who shall live and die. The world ends.

After the end

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