World-667.4.RP-11: A War of Humans Exterminating Robots

setting idea inspiration images - 50 World-667.4.RP-11

Human beings wage an ongoing war against deadly self-replicating machines.  In this war between man and machine, however, humanity is the aggressor; they not only struck first, but they were originally a nation of mage-warriors who have begun adapting the technology of their foes into their armor.  Humanity will use its power to exterminate the robots.

To battle the machines, humanity magically grows and trains armies of clones to counter the rapid construction of replacement robots that they cut down.  Much of their technology is stolen from the machines, allowing them to create energy swords and ultra-tough body armor made from the metallic carapaces of the cybernetic arachnids.

The machines themselves are not an all-powerful master race of post-singularity AI created by man to destroy them: instead they are a nearly feral ecosystem of robotic forms that are largely of sub-human intellect.  They resemble spider tanks or robotic ants, and mostly spend their time gathering resources for their hives, having basically no strategy to dealing with humanity other than to multiply in numbers large enough to not go extinct.

Even low-ranking soldiers that battle the robots have the ability to summon swords, blade-shaped magical constructs made of non-elemental pure magic energy they command to fight for them with telekinesis.  The number of swords denotes rank: freshly inducted front-line infantry can summon only one sword at a time, while each higher rank summons an exponentially higher number, with the current maximum being 512 swords at once.


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