World-347.7.CT-57: A World with Democracy Replacing Kings

setting idea inspiration images - 46 World-347.7.CT-57

Claiming angelic ancestry and led by a tyrant-king, the cleric-aristocracy lorded over the common people, both humans and the other races.  From their positions of wealth and power, they overtaxed the lower classes and races, until the burdens of the higher estates led the angry populous to overthrown their tyrant monarchs.  In time they instituted a democracy – not a republic with elected representatives, but a democracy, where each individual is granted a say.

The revolution came at the sacrifice of many lives, none so celebrated as a tiefling woman named Charity.  As a leader of the rebellion, she had been caught, blinded, and publicly executed by the aristocracy’s executives, which sparked the revolution to go from patient protest to forceful rebellion.  To commemorate Charity’s sacrifice, each town square carries a statue of the tiefling woman, immortalized as a saint of blind justice.

While many different races live in the democratic nation, tieflings were the most common after humans and the most disenfranchised.  Despite features like horns, reddish skin, and tails, all suggestive of demonic ancestry, tieflings are like humans in that they only turn to vice due to circumstances, and are not inherently evil or good in nature.  While all races and genders have gained equal suffrage and upward social mobility out of poverty, tieflings’ lot have shifted the most.

In the 15-years-old government that has replaced the outlawed aristocracy, society was rapidly restructured into voting blocks.  Voting on issues of all kinds and different priorities is a weekly and even daily activity for the citizenry of the nation. The other major cornerstone of modern society is the push for multicultural equity, to set to balance what had been artificially skewed by aristocrats.  While some argue that society has changed too much and too fast, most agree that for the greatest number of people the greatest amount of good has resulted.


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