World-248.5.HC-31: A Spoopy Gothic Non-Horror World

setting idea inspiration images - 59 World-248.5.HC-31

One would think as a world filled with undead, demonic beings, monsters, and dark sorcery, that it would be a terrifying place to live, filled with death and horror.  In fact, however, the monsters are not terribly scary, and while perhaps dangerous to the average commoner they pose only modest threats to a prepared adventurer or monster hunter.  Some of those with experience meeting these creatures would even say that the monsters are a little silly.

Part of the reason mankind does not fear the things in the dark (besides their sometimes comical ineptitude) is one of the first things the human species mastered: fire.  Not only is fire worship a common religion, with oracles foretelling vital auguries from affable demons bound in flaming prisons, but there is the very practical fact that fire lights up the dark and that basically no monsters have any special resistance to fire as a form of damage.

Even small villages have at least a few part-time monster hunters, and in the larger cities where more covert threats lurk there are usually guilds dedicated to defense against monsters and black magic.  These men and women usually study and make use of magic to combat the supernatural threats to humanity – their biggest weapon is the social human power of intelligent coordination against fierce brutes.

One monstrous faction that has also figured out this ability of cooperation are the intelligent undead.  Retaining both their mental faculties (and some sense of class) from being alive, they form a nation of sorts where they can unlive away from human cities.  While life may be largely peaceful among the smart skeletons, they’re always looking for a good scare, but just as not everyone is a great joke-telling comedian, not every undead is all that scary.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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