World-136.6.FP-5: A World of Magically Abundant Crops and Flowers

setting idea inspiration images - 47 World-136.6.FP-5

All princesses and princes are trained from a young age in the prerequisite education necessary to check if they have an aptitude for magic.  While a discipline anyone could learn, these royal students have the most free time to study.  Those who learn the basics of magic are trained to focus their studies on the magic of plants, and those that master these arts are the flower royalty.

With advanced plant magic, plant familiars can be grown and commanded.  Possessing partial free will, they are ambulatory fey-like plant creatures that aid plant mages in their task, as a witch’s familiar does.  Although plant familiars, like their mage creators, may engage in mischief, they do not harm people.

The purpose of all this study into the use of plant magic is towards one purpose: increase crop yields and produce a bountiful surplus.  In addition to ensuring that no one in the kingdom goes hungry and that there is limited food waste in magically-preserved fresh-picked produce, the surplus goes on as trade with nearby nations, making the kingdom a financially secure regional breadbasket.

The increased crop yields affect a wide variety of flowering and non-flowering crops.  Efforts are largely focused on the staples of rice and wheat, fruits like plums, and a wide variety of vegetables and spices.  While life on farms is never easy, the flower royalty uses its magic to make its land prosperous.


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