World-127.4.TL-2: A Tropical World of Warring Reptile Tribes

setting idea inspiration images - 60 World-127.4.TL-2

Long-lived, stalwart and contemplative, the turtle people of this world are not hasty creatures.  Although they sometimes battle with each other, rarely do people die, for their defenses are mighty.

They live in a tropical environment, warm and humid.  The sun shines strongly, and there are no cold winters.  It is an ideal home for reptilian humanoids, as so the turtle people share this world with the lizard people.  It is an uneasy coexistence.

Short-lived, agile and hasty, the lizard people of this world are not contemplative creatures.  They regularly battle with each other, leading to regular bloodshed, for their strong attacks are mighty.

Much of the strife between the two races is the discovery that it is the turtle’s bones that grant them longevity.  While the savage lizard people are usually quite happy to grind the bones down and consume the powder (often mixed with alcohol into an intoxicating sludge), some have counter-intuitively found even greater longevity by grafting the bones directly onto or even into their bodies.  Those that do not only find themselves living longer, but becoming more cunning and stronger as well.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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