World-107.2.CI-4: A Snowy Wilderness of Centaur-Like Tribes

setting idea inspiration images - 53 World-107.2.CI-4

On this world, natural selection created a race of tauric beings – beings like the mythological centaur.  There are apparently two types that co-evolved and began to spread across the planet’s continents: tauric beings with features of herbivores like horses and deer, and tauric predators with features of lions and leopards.  Each speaks different, incompatible families of languages.

Summers are short and winters are long. Even spring and autumn can be cold and periodically snowy.  Because of this, growing seasons are short, and nomadic hunting for survival is a common strategy.

Unfortunately for the tauric herbivores, tauric predators usually hunt them as a food source, seeing them as valuable if difficult prey despite their intelligence.  While in hunting they prefer to go unarmored and with a bow and arrow, in battles among themselves they will often don armor and fight with vicious claw weapons to augment their lion-like features.

The tauric predators are more technologically advanced than the herbivores, having developed bronze-casting and other material arts.  Both appear to have limited technology overall; the herbivore’s only technology beyond stone-age tools is agriculture.


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