Earth-605.5.SB-20: An Ocean of Underwater Exploration

setting idea inspiration images - 49 Earth-605.5.SB-20

While Earth’s oceans are not properly colonized, mankind has taken aims to build underwater habitats so they may live underwater.  Most of these habitats and bases are research and scientific structures, both as practice projects for space exploration and, more immediately, to study the vast previously unknown oceans of the Earth.  The largest of these permanent settlements is continuously staffed and has grown to the size of a small village, in which three generations have lived.

SCUBA diving is a ubiquitous skill of the people who live and work underwater.  Children are taught to swim at a young age, and to have an appreciation for aquatic life.  They are also used to the pressure of water and cramped spaces of indoor habitats; going surface-side and being in wide-open air is unusual for many of the younger generation.

Naturally, submarines serve as both supply vessels and transports for people and material in and out of the habitats.  Submarines themselves are sometimes giant mobile bases, but these are more likely to be research vessels than any kind of nomadic settlements.

As the oceans change due to human activity and the changing climate, the residents of the sea not only tend to the clean-up, both of physical junk and chemical pollutants in the water, but also to studying the strange and unfamiliar extant sea life.  Every week some new group of animal, plant, or bacterial life is discovered, slowly filling in the gaps on humanity’s knowledge of the planet’s largest collections of biomes.


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