World-708.7.EB-6: A World of High-Tech Robot Bees and Hexagons

setting idea inspiration images - 43 World-708.7.EB-6

In this universe space-time crystallizes on surfaces into transparent flat lattices in an arrangement of nested hexagons.  While this has only minor effects on distance and the passage of time, it means that throughout the whole universe there are standardized units of distance built into the world, a grid overlaying everything.

Spontaneously from the geometrical universe arose technorganic life – that which is robotic and alive at the same time.  The largest population of these are beetle or bee-like robots that serve as collectors of stray energy and the elemental substance of crystallized space-time.

Other than collectors there are also more bipedal forms that focus themselves around construction and self-defense.  The technorganic hive-continents are not warlike, but they maintain their borders at the edges of their territories with an armed presence regardless, much in the same way a cell is lined with a membrane to protect itself from an indifferent outside world.  They shepherd energy-collectors back towards home or away from the border as per their nationality, as opposed to battle.

If the robot bees have any culture, its most evident artifacts take the forms of hexagonal technology and structures.  More than just adherence to cosmic structure, it is also a sort of reverence, seeing beauty and propriety in sticking to the form found in what for them passes for nature.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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