World-658.7.MD-2: A Heaven of Hospitality and Healing

setting idea inspiration images - 41 World-658.7.MD-2

Some who thought they were dead awaken to find themselves in what looks like some kind of heaven (others are brought by ambulance planes-walkers).  After passing through several gates of quarantining one emerges onto banks of fluffy clouds, soft and slightly warm or cool to the touch.  And everywhere on the cosmic hospital grounds are beautiful helpful beings with wings, who are apparently angels.

Though humble and insisting they are not any kind of special being, these angelic servants are doctors and other medical staff of the heavenly hospital.  In addition to being physically stunning, they are each an embodiment of compassion, a font of medical knowledge, and a being of caring attentive empathy.  To a superhuman degree they seem to get along well with each other and with patients, regardless of who they are or what species they may be.

The hospital grounds themselves are almost their own paradise.  Many of the rooms are nicer than the homes of many people on other planes of existence, their buildings and facilities nicer than those of even many wealthy nations.  At the heart of the hospital, and indeed the geographic center of the sprawling hospital-city, is a church.  Its outside dimensions suggests a small or mid-sized local community church, but magic permits it to house an interfaith and cross-planar congregation on the inside many times in excess of even the largest earthly cathedrals.

Perhaps the most prized magic of all, though, is the power of the angelic doctors’ healing hands.  Magical enlightenment opens each doctor to higher levels of instantaneous diagnostics, and supernal vitality channeled through their hands radiates into patients with higher levels of accelerated bodily and mental regeneration, with each angelic doctor specializing on the curing of one type of malady to near instantaneous speeds.   Cardiovascular disease, depression, any and all cancers, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, the flu, the common cold, stroke, and infinitely rarer maladies of body and mind, of humans, subhumans and transhumans, can all be treated.  Within the walls of the hospital and the powers of its attendants, only one threat stands unstoppable: the dead cannot be brought back to life.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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