World-338.5.MP-2: A Space-Faring Forest of Monkeys

setting idea inspiration images - 39 World-338.5.MP-2

The signs of worlds colonized by intelligent primates are fairly obvious: they grow forests and build villages and towns in the treetops.  Through a magictech rapid-growth process nearly every technology they need can be grown from the soil as advanced and specialized plants.  Most inhabitants prefer, though, to spend their entire lives off the ground, observing and in some cases never interacting much with the local wildlife of the planets they visit.

The intelligent primates in question are not humans, but a race of monkey people.  Furry with prehensile tails, these sapient monkeys move from planet to planet, always pushed to explore by their natural curiosity.  In disputes with natives or each other, they prefer ranged weapons, such as bows and crossbows.

The biggest treetop towns are rather more like large cities, always with a tree-based starship at its center.  This is either because it is the landing site of a carrier ship that has disgorged its passengers into the surrounding environment, or because a city has grown up the dense forest necessary to create a central starship that will eventually disembark for another world to colonize.  Like their homes and technology, the starships are living trees and plant matter grown into the shape they desired – in this case, a fully-functioning interplanetary vessel.

Monkeys are not the only residents of the sprawling colonial commonwealth.  At some point on some planet the monkeys integrated a race of sapient pangolin people into their culture.  Though not as clever they are fabulously hardy, with tough scales and sharp claws that make them excellent diggers and close-quarters warriors, something which monkeys typically avoid.  Monkeys also rarely involve themselves with fashioning anything from earth, stone, or metalworking, areas which the pangolin people have long cultural traditions.


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