World-246.2.TC-3: A Mêlée à Trois of Armies of Rock, Paper, and Scissors

setting idea inspiration images - 37 World-246.2.TC-3

The battlefield sees fighting between three armies in a large plain where each faction have set up separate camps. The ten-thousand fighting warriors are always split equally three ways, 3,333 units each, taking turns to engage each other in nearly game-like bouts of tactical maneuvers.  Each army represents one of either rock, paper or scissors, and the fights play out accordingly. A ten-thousandth warrior, a woman, wields all three powers of each faction at diminished levels: she wears lighter armor and wields a smaller hammer, a single rapier and a sash of parchment scrolls.

Representing rock are giant warriors covered in impenetrable armor and armed with giant battle hammers that crush less protected combatants.  They ride into battle on slow moving but indomitable war elephants.

Representing paper are an army of mages that command huge ribbons of parchment scrolls that can bind slow moving targets.  Their leaders fly above the battlefield on either winged horses or specially enchanted parchments the sizes of flying carpets.

Representing scissors are foot soldiers that run across the battlefield fighting with twin rapiers, slicing through unarmored foes.  Mounted on high-jumping bird-like mounts, they are fast enough to quickly cut through enemy ranks.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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