World-157.3.AS-6: A World of Humans Fighting Asuras

setting idea inspiration images - 42 World-157.3.AS-6

Exiled from their heavenly battles with higher beings, and certainly not themselves the creators of the world, the asuras dominate the landscape they have since come to shape with their oppression to humanity.  The asuras are mighty beings, having four faces, naturally bearing six arms, and standing about 6 meters tall.  Each possesses superhuman strength and toughness and is surprisingly agile and fast for their size, and even non-combatants are innately proficient in deadly weapons from birth.

In their reign of brutal sovereignty over mankind, much of the gentle plains have been altered into fetid swamps.  Lakes and craters have been formed from the giants’ footsteps and weapon-strikes, hills formed from their corpses, and the landscape flooded with the spilt blood of asuras and humans.  Even their bones have sprouted into aberrant piercing trees that bear no shade or fruit for any living creature.

To battle the asuras humans have limited weapons, currently stuck somewhere around the bronze age in terms of technology.  Despite this, magic has enabled them to create extra-arm harnesses; warriors who wear them artificially come to bear a full set of six arms, which, while it does not grant them superhuman toughness, does increase their strength to match the asuras.  These harnesses are hard to make with magic, and are thus reserved for the most competent of warriors.

The battles between asuras and humans have raged for generations.  In many battles the asuras, of giant stature and strength, emerge victorious, even in areas where humans have banded together in fortified strongholds.  Across the harsh swamps nomads seem to avoid attacks the best, while those who settle into villages make themselves hard targets that are easy to smash.


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