World-028.2.NM-11: A World of Microscopic Structures and Creatures

setting idea inspiration images - 31 World-028.2.NM-11

This world is filled with wholly natural, if alien shapes.  Most of these are made from large-scale organic structures, producing branched nodules suspended against light gravity, lattice-like meshes big enough to climb through, and texture ground with protruding structures of odd forms.  Water has powerful surface tension, such that denizens can stand on its surface, if uneasily.  This is a macroscopic world that resembles the nano- and microscopic one.

There are no humans, but there are an arthropod-like race of sapient beings.  Generally, they have two arms, legs, and wings, but eleven eyes in composite arrangements on various faces of their heads.  They wield weapons, like clawed clubs, made from the limbs of killed wildlife.

These denizens produce complex buildings.  Some are delicate temples made of pitched roofs and filament screens, villages of towers erected between partitioned farms and connected by roads of chemical trails, and tunnel cavities to serve as rooms or containers for wares of what limited material culture they have.

Such a civilization has banded together for the purpose of hunting and defending itself from arthropod monsters.  Generally eyeless, these creatures are simple, almost magical monsters, which exist only to consume and reproduce.  As they come in various sizes and threat-levels, these predatory beasts range from introductory targets for child warriors in training to behemoth terrors that require entire settlements to evacuate.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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