Universe-998.8.PW-97: A Pesudo-Multiverse of Solitude and Angels

setting idea inspiration images - 33 Universe-998.8.PW-97

While easily mistakable for an entire multiverse of its own, complete with varied and different planes to walk between, this world is, in fact, a single universe.  Its structure is partitioned, made of uncountable finite demiplanes adjacent to each other.  The path between these self-contained worlds, so full of color and variation, is through special massive gates, portals, or similar structures.

In this pseudo-multiverse walks one single solitary individual.  This planes-walker is a hunter of the non-sentient wild game that takes a multitude of forms in the environs they encounter.  They also do battle with non-sentient robotic or undead creatures, as fits the demiplane they find themselves surviving in while passing through.  But in terms of finding people, they find themselves completely alone, despite having wandered for over 20 years.

In their travels they have found tetrahedral dungeons of varying sizes.  One of these pyramid-like structures are found in each plane, and range from being the size of houses to stars.  Though filled with machinery, carved stone walls, or living organ-like structures pulsing regularly as if alive, they too are empty of people.

The only other thinking creatures the planes-walker has seen for as long as they can remember are angels.  Being wheels of eyes, multi-headed clusters of wings, or pseudo-humanoid giants of sun-fire, they are not the planes-walker’s own kind.  They kindly invite the planes-walker to become one with the universe, but they suspect that the angels, ever proud of their regular assimilation of nearby planes into this one, are the cause of peace and quiet that has scoured their reality of other people.  Such a thing has not been confirmed by the pithy and cryptic beings.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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