Earth-607.4.US-51: A ‘Merica of War-Fighting

setting idea inspiration images - 44 Earth-607.4.US-51

After officially changing the country’s name to ” ‘Merica,” the army began enlisting the mercenary power of cowboy gunslingers, superhero soldiers, and rough-and-tough bikers, among other iconic men and women of raw Patriotism.  Each is outfitted with super-science technology, turning them into a one-man army to push for the spread of Freedom across the Earth.

Probably the army’s finest technological achievement are the gun-rexes, a battalion of dinosaur-like gun tanks.  Their arms are guns, their tails have rear-facing guns, their heads are bigger guns, and the soldiers inside who pilot them, of course, carry guns of their own.  These mech-tanks are considered the kings of guns.

The air-force likewise contributes to ‘Merica’s ongoing spread of Freedom across the Earth, with the development of various VTOL fighter aircraft.  Though once horribly inefficient from a fuel economy standpoint, post-modern designs employ miniaturized cold fusion that allows lighter models to stay airborne almost indefinitely.  A joint operation between the army’s gun-rex and air force’s VTOL divisions hope one day to create a mech-dragon, but so far the design isn’t even at the prototype stages.

‘Merica has lots of guns, and loves its guns.  The 51st amendment of the federal constitution guarantees that upon reaching 18 years of age that every citizen carry a genetic match-locked gun at all times (which is also their citizenship ID), after having received compulsory firearms training in elementary school.  Men have guns, women have guns, and big men have bigger guns.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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