Earth-505.4.MK-2: A Planet at War for Oil for Mechs

setting idea inspiration images - 34 Earth-505.4.MK-2

Originally invented by a combination of American and Japanese army engineers, mechs (or walker tanks) are armored all-terrain combat vehicles that are now a standard part of modern cavalry units.  More nimble than traditional tanks, mechs evolved from advancements in and the merger between powered armor and armored vehicle technology.  Armed with heavy guns and modest manipulator arms, mechs fill a variety of roles as multi-purpose war machines.

Mechs are especially useful in rough environments like mountainous terrain and the dry pine forests that have become the recent international military hot-spot.  Benefiting from its ability to conquer uneven ground and take the benefit of cover from elevation, the mech is often the go-to for heavy infantry support in places where larger ground vehicles or aircraft are unsuited.

Mechs wouldn’t matter with their pilots.  These men and women, like their tank operator comrades, are highly trained professionals.  Like fighter pilots, they sometimes exhibit a maverick streak, but ultimately they keep a level head when battle begins.  Those who seek glory get killed; those who support their squads stay alive.

All of this fighting is to capture oil refineries.  In addition to the obvious economic value of oil, mechs run on it, and while powerful they are not particularly efficient.  Some argue a circular problem of building mechs to fight for oil to power more mechs to fight for more oil; others simply recognize that the mech is one more powerful state-of-the-art tool in securing national resources of strategic importance.


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