Earth-415.3.BB-3: A Mountain Peak of Body Horror

setting idea inspiration images - 36 Earth-415.3.BB-3

At first glance with world may seem like a normal early 1900’s Earth – same cities, same people, and same history.  But high in the mountains of South America, in a cavernous peak untouched by man and secluded from the world, lies an isolated temple.  None go to the mountain, and none can say how long it has been there … or who built it.

Despite a recently constructed and now abandoned village, natives avoid the place, and only a few explorers have visited.  The treacherous climb, through snow and twisted caverns, makes reaching the mysterious temple nearly impossible for any but the most intrepid explorer.  Of those, only one has returned.

The man, once a respected academic and now a widely-discredited madman covered in scars physical and psychological, claims to have witnessed religious rituals performed in the mountain temple.  In examining his rambled testimony and tattered, bloodstained journal, those few who have investigated the encounter find evidence to suggest that some unholy and horrific sacrifice of human beings took place.  Crude tapestries of human skin, artifacts made from carved human bones, and vast murals painted in human blood of profane scenes were described in the accounts.

Ultimately all explorers are either killed or driven insane and away from attacks by possessed people.  These inhabitants of the temple are deformed, possessing twisted mutanted bodies infused with unholy devilry over bones and blood – their own and those of the their intended victims.  Voluntarily confined to their mountain peak, their curse and powers can be an infection given to others, the only signs suggesting the hidden abnormality being scars physical and psychological.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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