Earth-178.2.BK-30: A Tropical Paradise Archipelago of Decadent Sorcerers

setting idea inspiration images - 38 Earth-178.2.BK-30

The world is a tropical and colorful disk-shaped ocean world with various levitating islands connected by bridges.  It is always a warm and pleasant verdant springtime, but the world does undergo seasonal cycles of expansion and contraction, like a massive world-wide tide.  Time has three phases: daytime under a small sun, nighttime under a colossal moon, and occasionally a fire-twilight that lasts several hours and fills the sky with stars and a muted red halo.  Encapsulating the whole finite world is an impenetrable barrier of glass around the sky.

Each island domain mostly features garden-like tropical landscapes with massive elaborate castles, though unclaimed or unchanged wilderness does exist.  Many spires are covered in pewter exteriors, and the gardens are filled with giant flowers and iridescent glass statues of idealized humanoid forms.  Homes use natural, open-air architecture and are connected by bridges.  Nationalities are determined by landmass-conglomeration, with factions mostly decided by geography.

Every resident of this world is universally a sorcerer and almost always a hedonist. They are mostly tan-skinned humanoids, but have gills that allow them to breathe underwater and retractable wings that allow them to fly.  Their numerous whims are catered to by homunculi, artificial servants that obey without question.  Competitive sparring and weapons feature lavish fantastic style, and technology is absent in the place of artifacts and magic.

Floating in the air are scattered orbiting pearls that amplify nearby magic as they come and go. All wildlife, which is usually harmless, has at least some supernatural aspect to it: life comes from sea-foam and plants rather than being born naturally, and cornucopia trees provide endless food for people on command.

(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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