World-417.4.CL-12: A World of Clockwork Magitech

setting idea inspiration images - 22 World-417.4.CL-12

The very structure of the world is obviously mechanical in nature.  As a massive metropolis floating in a void of space, the glass-encased world is a regularly shifting device of titanic scale made of cogs, gears, springs, and other watch-pieces.  This world literally runs like clockwork.

Beside crops and domesticated animals, the only natural life is humans.  While some study from books illustrated with descriptions of wild animals and a natural world that doesn’t exist, most turn to the more omnipresent discipline of clockwork technology as their field of study.  In this, people build upon (continue to build?) the world around them.

In doing so engineers have gradually replaced many natural animals with clockwork simulacra.  Horses, dogs, and birds are the most common of these, but cats and other animals are also become more widespread.  Even vermin like clockwork mice and cockroaches are appearing (apparently from some inventor’s laboratory) throughout the city.  These animals do not require sustenance, and can obey the commands of whoever winds them up from their mainspring key.

In this world-wide community of invention, one startling discovery has been made: the means, in a one-off device for now, to rewind a person’s place in time.  While not true time-travel, it allows its singular inventor (who is being very cautious about its use and notoriety) the opportunity to undo events as far back as five days prior.  So far no one, not even him, have noticed the subtle changes to time and reality that have resulted, but that could change as events progress forward like clockwork.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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