World-206.4.AW-3: A Fantasy Kingdom of Realistic Armor and Lady Knights

setting idea inspiration images - 29 World-206.4.AW-3

Due to continuous wars knights are regularly called to battle to serve as heavy cavalry.  As this has them engaging enemy forces in close-quarters combat (whether mounted or not) each knight wears a full suit of armor.  These cover the soldier from head to toe, and while not at all cumbersome they are custom made and reserved for aristocratic knights.

Due to a generation of warfare and a now-limited number of men able to fight, noblewomen have stepped up to the role of battle.  Despite much grumbling from the more conservative lords in court, the women have proven quick studies and capable fighters.  Indeed, as they wear the same functional armor a man might, it can be difficult, on the battlefield, to discern the unnecessary detail of whether the sword coming down from one’s enemy is from a man’s or woman’s hand.

Each nation uses heraldry and coats of arms to distinguish its warriors on the battlefield.  Of these, a mêlée à trois drives the majority of relations in modern campaigns.  Stags, lions, and falcons have become something of slang terms to describe each faction.

Daily life in the war (at least for these aristocratic ladies) involves much of what it does for the men: sword fights, warfare and tactics, castles and supply, and rules of kings, queens and treaties.  At least one country has also made progress in using jousting as a tournament stand-in for bloodier conflicts, sparing their population from further needless bloodshed through the use of a few extraordinarily trained warriors, with mixed results.


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