Earth-605.5.AF-1: An Afro-Futurism Superpower

setting idea inspiration images - 26 Earth-605.5.AF-1

For typical people of Africa, city life is filled with a variety of advanced technologies.  Powered by renewable energies and connected through the internet of things, advanced AI allows complex systems of services and measured production to run smoothly.  As Africa leapfrogged a lot of western technologies and issues in modernizing, it sidestepped many pollution and distribution problems, resulting in fairly clean urban spaces.  Cities filled with people, are, of course, still cities, and come with all the usual struggles of crime, order and civil life.

Like much of the technology, which is made within the various states of the continent rather than merely brought in from the Americas, Europe and China, African styles of what people wear are home-grown.  What people wear, how they present themselves, and even what materials they use ultimately reflect their home city, culture, and native religion.

A few African governments have advanced in the emerging technology of space exploration, claiming for themselves colonial spaces of their own on the Moon and in orbit around the Earth.   Their equatorial position allows for the creation of a space elevator that dramatically reduces transportation costs to and from orbit.  African space agencies’ chief trade material is tritium for the nascent fusion energy economy growing outside of Africa.

In addition to its use of volumetric display holograms in media technology, several companies have developed robeasts, AI-powered robots in the shapes of African animals.  While some highly-affluent tech-focused subcultures use them as robotic pets, status symbols or bodyguards, most of the robeasts are used in military and game enforcement applications as tireless remote controlled agents patrolling the countryside for crimes like poaching and illegal logging taking place in the wilderness between cities.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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