Earth-547.4.FF-5: An Urban Underworld of Fistfights

setting idea inspiration images - 28 Earth-547.4.FF-5

On the streets in the dark parts of the city where the lawman doesn’t patrol, crime is kept in check by extralegal physical enforcers of the peace (vigilantes who solve problems with punches).  These martial artists, ruffians, and other fighters duke it out to further their own criminal goals, protect the innocent, or merely cut loose in a frenzy of uncivilized strength.

Since everyone’s body is a weapon, each fighter knows the quickest way to end a fight is to look convincingly tough.  Skin-tight clothes show any would-be opponent the muscle, strength, and physique of the fighter they’re choosing to face.  For women the added benefit of being distracting eye-candy gives them an additional combat advantage.

Through years of martial arts training (or unfairly prodigal talent) one may unlock superpowers through amplifying bodily life-force until it overflows.  Usually these powers (like much of everything else here) revolves around being better at punching things: overflowed energy through arms and fists increases strength, through the legs and feet create after-images from extreme speed, and in the torso it boosts endurance.

Inevitably, someone throws a fighters’ tournament.  While every time it’s secretly a front for some kind of nefarious criminal scheme, most fighters are simply eager for a chance to prove their skills.  Some fight to achieve or demonstrate mastery and rank, some fight for a prized special gauntlet that allows the wielder to perform super-strong punches, and some fight to surpass mundane distractions and enter enlightenment.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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