Earth-525.5.PL-130: City with a Secret Society of People Who Move Through Transmission Lines

setting idea inspiration images - 19 Earth-525.5.PL-130

People don’t look up often.  They miss a secret world hidden in the power and communication lines above their heads.  They might catch a glimpse of people standing on top of the pole, out of sight, watching a secret world of energy and information below them.

Such individuals have within them a special spark.  This supernatural essence allows them to transform their bodies into constructs of electromagnetism, enabling them to transmit themselves nearly instantly from location to location.  They become the signal, and they can enter or exit any power or phone line at any point they wish.

As a result, although better wireless technology is developing, several of these individuals with sparks are secretly in positions of power, ensuring that the city never modernizes.  Power lines and other poles are thus ubiquitous throughout and between cities.

One downside these individuals have for using their powers is that each time they attempt to exit a transmission line and return to their normal human form they have a slight risk of staying trapped as lightning.  When this happens, they shoot up into the sky as a thunderbolt.  This problem, called “riding the lightning” within the community of people who have these sparks, is temporary, random, and while always rare it is slightly more common during electrical storms.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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