Earth-504.4.GW-195: A Flooded Earth Fighting for Resources

setting idea inspiration images - 16 Earth-504.4.GW-195

By the 2070’s all hope of averting catastrophic climate change was completely lost. Heat waves rendered cities’ outdoor spaces into man-made ovens; those that left pushed the global migrant crisis beyond all breaking points, while those who remained were cooked to death by their own homes.  Other cities were destroyed in escalating international conflicts.  Some were rendered so dangerous by disposal or extraction of toxic metals they are warded with artificial thorns to warn future settlers away.

Most of humanity’s cities were coastal: most of humanity’s cities are now flooded.  For those willing to brave the polluted inland seas, great salvage may be found.  The destitute pick at scraps from a more decadent decade.  The wealthy commission scavengers to return abandoned mementos of sentimental importance lost in storm evacuations.

One glimmering hope that has emerged from these conflicts is the strength of women: emboldened by prior generations with growing civil liberties, the crumbling of the world has steeled their intentions to take action.  Though Earth is a battlefield, women join the men in equality on the front lines in all possible roles.

And world military forces are mobilized.  They fight over dwindling fresh water, habitable lands, and secure (locked down) borders, and they fight with augmenting exoskeleton-wearing soldiers and several kinds of tactical autonomous combatants.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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