Earth-437.6.AN-19: An Art Nouveau Fantasy Countryside

setting idea inspiration images - 23 Earth-437.6.AN-19

Many women of high fashion are talented artists.  In vogue recently is the style of art nouveau, with its focus on whiplash curves and nature motifs.  In clothing, women naturally prefer fancy dresses with decoration: plainness is avoided, and embellishments like lace, studs, and floral imagery are rather common.

The whiplash curves of the lady artists have also gone into interior design.  Many upscale homes have elaborate wood-carved shapes, and favor the presence of glassware, non-flat structures, and large windows for natural lighting.  Arches like branches are rather popular.  Even middle-class women strive to emulate the styles, when they can afford it.

Part of the inspiration these women draw from are the fantastic creatures, often tied to nature, that they see in menageries, zoo-gardens, and on holidays to the countryside.  Resplendent peacock griffins, gaily-dancing fairies, and majestic unicorns are extant and known intelligent creatures, some of whom deign to involve themselves in the artistic processes of humans.

Of real artificed magic, though, is jewelry.   Whether as a brooch, necklace, or ring, such works of metal and gem carry within them the magic imagined by their creator.  Such charms are often related to glamour, longevity, or wits, and usually act as a passive enhancement for the wearer, rather than a use-activated effect.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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