Earth-236.4.DR-9: A Rainy Asian Nation that Worships Weather Dragons

setting idea inspiration images - 18 Earth-236.4.DR-9

For a few hours each day and night it periodically stops raining, and even then light rains are merely replaced with a pervasive fog.  This mist and weather limits vision beyond any great distance, and largely keeps most communities insular.  All know the source of such perpetual weather: the dragons, heavenly serpents of rain and clouds, ensure farmers have enough water at all times.

Of the imperial family, these dragons are respected and venerated into the styles of their armor.  Such scale mail usually has a dragon pattern on it, but this is more typically reserved for parade armor only.  Actual battlefield armor will instead carry a badge or emblem of a dragon, usually with different designs (such as an ascending dragon, a coiled dragon, or an arching dragon) to denote rank and function in the military.

Dragons also appear in decoration.  Usually reliefs of dragons are carved on walls, which can be found both privately and publicly, such as on the outsides of public offices and the walls around communities.  Carvings and statues in the likeness of dragons are usually only found in weather temples or private residences of the aristocracy, usually carved by master priests.

As for the dragons themselves, they are serpentine creatures with power over weather.  They sometimes form bonds with humans or take humanoid form, at least according to legend.  Most people have never seen a dragon, but their presence is always felt in the regular light rain and thick fog that shrouds the land in mystery.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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