World-267.4.DV-6: A Battlefield Between Horned Humanoids and Winged Giants

setting idea inspiration images - 03 World-267.4.DV-6

The inhabitants of this world are red-skinned humanoids, often with horns or other monstrous features.  Typically these look like short protrusions from the head, shoulders, or sometimes back.  Occasionally other mutations can be found in certain individuals.

Unquestionably not angels, the enemies of the common people are winged titans.  They have at most one eye and no horns, but possess vast wings whose leading edge and feathers are sharper than knives.  They tower over 9 meters tall, have skin the color and hardness of bleached bones, and often wield a spear with some exotic shape.  Each titan is unique, and sometimes will appear inhuman in shape, and they never travel in groups of more than two.

Among the red-skinned people of this world, those with longer protrusions, especially horns, are blessed with innate battle instincts.  Naturally quick to pick up skill in unarmed combat, sword fighting and marksmanship, “long-horns” receive both praise and scorn for being masterful tacticians and killers in the world’s numerous mercenary armies (as the concept of a national army does not exist, so the military is made mostly of paid long-horns).

Magical stone exists which can withstand the pressure of massive structures.  As a result, many fortress-cities include at least an outer layer of the stone to defend against flying titans, who would easily bash through less durable concrete.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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