World-207.5.CR-0: A Maritime World of Storms and Crows

setting idea inspiration images - 10 World-207.5.CR-0

There are no humans native to this world, and instead crow people are the dominant life forms.  The most important of these are, of course, noble-crows, who work as both politicians and warriors highly trained in the use of bows and arrows.  Crow-people have wings on their backs and can fly.

Although crow people exist, normal crows do as well.  Crows are revered as sacred ancestral beings, and to kill a crow is considered killing a person.

The crow people live in a region of the world that is a series of islands.  Maritime trade is the primarily industry, with maritime naval battles involving boarding parties of flying sailors (though trade is preferred to battle).  Unfortunately, the seas around the islands suffer frequent storms, superstitiously believed to be due to a sky-dwelling storm crow god.

The land seems protected from the storms that regularly wrack the seas because people frequently erect crow totem poles in veneration of the storm god.  These idols are believed to please the vain deity and thus reduce the chance of storms.  Those places that do not have totem poles are uninhabited, and since the poles cannot be placed at sea, sailors try to stay near the coasts; superstition holds that if you are in sight of a totem pole, you are likely fine.


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