World-037.4.IC-6: A World of Ice and Snow, Megafauna and Witches

setting idea inspiration images - 08 World-037.4.IC-6

The land is cold and it regularly snows.  Despite this, plants and animals survive in a landscape with limited summers and nearly omnipresent winter.  The people are hardy and strong, and distrustful of magic.

Prehistoric mammals, such as woolly mammoths and dire bison, are both a source of food and danger, along with other such beasts, like polar bears and giant white tigers.  Cold itself is also a regular threat, though it can make beautiful structures of ice, such as caves used by winter witches.

As people depend on the land, they immortalize totemic animals in the forms of enduring stone carvings.  Snow tigers, owls, and bears are some of the most popular, along with mammoths and elk.  While a community may have multiple statues of different animal spirits, usually a tribe will have one it favors over others, usually with a pair of large statues in the center of town.

Winter witches, or ice women, are mysterious beings that patrol the tundra, maintaining the perpetual cold.  They are unfriendly, but what limited conversations have been had with them suggest they are not born of any human mother.  They have blue skin, dress provocatively in defiance of the cold, and have vast magical powers over snow and ice.  The superstitious people distrust them, but believe they are too dangerous to attack or provoke, even with fire.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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