World-007.3.DN-3: An Tribal War-zone of Stone-Age Farmers with Dinosaurs

setting idea inspiration images - 07 World-007.3.DN-3

People ride dinosaurs.  Only non-predatory herbivorous dinosaurs have been domesticated, however, and while some are used for transportation, most civilians associate such dinosaurs with being beasts of burden for agriculture or battle mounts.  Regular tribal disputes rely on the success of dinosaur cavalry units.

Most people live and work in buildings made of natural materials: wood, thatch, and some hide.  A few important buildings are made of stone.  Despite this, some powerful shamans and tribal chiefs manage for shrines that have achieved fantastic feats of architecture.

Much of the wilderness is palm forest.  Palm oil is a widely-used product, and tamed dinosaurs’ sizes aid in both setting up plantations and palm oil extraction.  Due to relying on the beasts’ muscle, little technology has advanced beyond a stone-age existence (besides agriculture and shelter): most tools are sharpened rock and wood, and the wheel has not been invented yet.

Dinosaurs, as far as people are concerned, fall into two categories: those that can be tamed to do something for people, and those that are a potential danger.  Carnivorous and predatory dinosaurs, some with truly bizarre shapes, have for generations preyed on humans.  Some tribes have even lured such predators to enemy camps so them may terrorize their rivals and decimate their people.


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